Fear of Reptiles

by geidhee
(Legazpi City, Philippines)

Okay, I hate reptiles. Specially lizards and frogs. Maybe I hate them because I'm afraid of them. I don't even know why. But ever since I was a child, I don't like seeing them even its just a picture or even hearing there sounds. It feels like I'm gonna faint. I know it sounds pathetic, but its true. I remember, when I was on 8th grade, our teacher announced that our class are going to have a dissection of frogs. After hearing that, I panicked. I cried. Then, when I got home, I didn't eat and can't sleep at the same time.
I can't imagine seeing and holding a frog using my bare hands. The next day, I decided to go to my grandfathers farm. I was there for almost two weeks. I did not go to school. I was absent two weeks so that I can't attend that dissection.
Until now, I'm afraid. It becomes worst. It feels like I'm not normal. How could I cure my phobia? Can someone help me?

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