fear of relationships

I’m French, so my English i a little bad, i'll do my best. A year and a half age ago , i was with this guy, who i liked so much, I though he liked me too. Eventually, I found out that he didn't love me at all, because he said so, he said to me i was only taking advantage of you and getting hat i want.

Since he told me that i cried for almost 2weeks ,and i felt bad about my self and i still do.Now, I have no self-esteem and no confidence.

One week ago, i saw a guy, and i really liked him for the first time in 1year and a half. He asked me my phone number and he asked me out on a date ,i told him that i couldn’t that night and he can ask me later. My friend told me that he really like me.

Now when i think that maybe I’ll have a relationship with him, But i'm afraid that he won't like me and he'll just use me.

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