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Baby Step
by: Chris

Nothing venture, nothing agained. I am one of those girls that have been dumped because my new man has a fear losing me eventually. So! before we get really serious he dumps me.

He couldn't stop saying nice things and complimenting me as I do the same for him, I paid close attention everyday and addressed his needs at that time as I caught onto very quickly of what his personality was like providing him praises and support everyday.

Not enough, he won't talk to me or tx me, so I have let it go, as i believe I can only do so much, but! it's really sad "what he wants and know's he can't own - he won't let himself have".But! what he wants and can own he doesn't mind going out their and getting it like a sport car. It's sad because he deprives himself of being truly happy and we just can't own people. Only enjoy the time we are with them. So! people need to take baby steps one at a time and slowly you will improve and be able to experience some things in life you never would have tired and it is ok because it's not life threatening and you have managed to get through it and embrace a feeling you never felt. I feel I am a victim of Their Rejection and they are a Criminal of their own injustice to be fully happy.

by: Anonymous

For me, this feeling just totally overwhelms me. For reasons that I cannot explain, not matter how hard I try to fight it, I find that I will just roll up into a ball and give up over time. It is so frustrating for me! I am too petrified to get close to someone that I can about because I am afraid that I will lose them. There is a girl who I am just absolutely awestruck by, but I am way to scared to get close to her due to my fear that I could lose her. So instead of taking the chance that she might say yes if I were to ask her out, I act as if it were already a lost cause and I have been attempting to distance myself from her. It pisses me off because I know that my actions could be hurting her, but I just tell myself that I would only hurt her worse if we did ever get together.

social injustice the real fear of groups or worship
by: varick choice

We live in a day where we are supposed to know and be educated but really we are shun if you don't make the selection for a social group or God/Godess worship.

Stuck in a caught 22 or just caught me if you can caught the secret others are not tell you how to socialize in a group or circle hence we build a sence of rejection fear because we are aware of the fact that somethings not right, They are hiding something, and they are its there secret and when you are in you are in but if you are not don't worry you will develop a more interesting personality doing your on thing finding your own way of life. sooner or later they will come for you and its normal not wanting to go.

So speak up, be heard, joke, get rejected they are going to do it anyway but laugh back at them because they do it cause you are the elite and there masters feel inferior when you are present so play, learn and have fun along the way.

fear of rejection
by: Anonymous

I have a crush on a girl for 3 years and haven't build up the nerve to talk to her, due to my fear of rejection. My friend told me to go and talk to her. I promised that I will tomorrow. I am slowly trying to get rid of this fear but it is so hard to get rid of. Well wish me luck tomorrow.

Finding a way out.
by: Anonymous

I read a story about a guy who was just entering his freshman year of college, and determined to go out with some1... so one day he hands his best friend $100 and tells him im not allowed to get this back unless i get rejected 10 times today, and his friend said ok and he was off... so the first girl he walks up to thought he was gonna have a siezure or something because he was sweating bullets, and shaking. the girl asked if he was alright,a nd he said yes and went on to try and ask the girl out... well it turned out that the girl was taken but told him that he was very sweat to think that she was cute enough to approach. so he thanked her and walked away. he then proceeded to keep doing this, and as he did he found it easier and easier until he got to the 6th girl, who to his suprise said yes... and he got her number... well by the end of the day he was having to act like a jerk just to meet his quota to get the money back. so even though you start out with nothing, you never know wut you cud get out of somehting. :)

by: Anonymous

Well if you tell you friends one of them is bound to tell the guy, thats how my crush found out > yesterday. he is nice, so if he knows ill either say hes wrong or tough it out

i have the same fear

by: Devin Roscoe (Facebook Me)

I have this girl at school that i really like and i'm always after to talk to her and get close then all she wants to be is friends

me too
by: mel (annoynymous)

i have a fear of rejection also. i even like a guy and is nervous to tell him i like him cuz i dont wana ruin our friendship. But the best advis i have for it, is to look for the small signs that might lead to him (or her) being appealed to you. Even if it's just a little bit, I'd say to tell them that you kind of like them, and even if they don't like you the same way, the two of you could still remain friends. and who knows, he might some around. But also, i'd say to make sure that you definetly like him for sure. i had to confirm it, but now i'm sure. I'm just looking for the right moment. Also, sometimes asking your friends to help is a good resort.
well, good luck with your situation, and wish me luck for mine! :)

by: Anonymous

I am a guy, and I can relate, it is a much bigger problem when your a guy, because usually it is the guy that would ask the girl out...

by: Anonymous

I'm really young and I have that exact problem

by: Anonymous

I have the same fear...=[

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