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Fear of rejection is one of those unprecedented attacks that can inflict its menace on any individual without prior notice.

Everything in life seems to take an abysmal turn towards a bitter feeling of haplessness and depravity, with the fear of being rejected.

A look at the root of things
Often it is observed that the fear of rejection has its source rooted in early childhood days.

During their budding years, children are often found to be easy targets of competition and comparisons amongst peers, aroused by their parents.

This leads to an early mental setback for the child, who starts feeling himself inferior to that of others.

The particular feeling then further develops in the growing years and become embedded in the mind.

As a serious consequence, the grown-up individual remains handicapped in his thoughts, with the persistent fear of being rejected.

The manifold symptoms and feelings accompanying the fear
As has been observed, this particular fear of rejection can now be traced in every alternate individual in the world. While with a few, it becomes overtly expressive, with the others, it remains implicitly dormant.

However, most of the victims of the phobia go through a plethora of tumults within themselves that gradually yet steadily reduce their mental and physical well-being into sheer misery.

Some of the familiar patterns of behaviors that promptly cue to the person suffering from this fear include:

  • A feeling of persisting dejection surrounds the person from in and out,

  • Restricting oneself from coming into social contacts and communications,

  • A feeling of dire inferiority and fear of not being accepted by others,

  • A situation of identity crisis, when the person is unable to find his true self and looks down upon himself and his status,

  • A drift from befriending or confiding in any other person, for the fear of getting rejected.

  • Acceptance of others views without any personal preferences or likings, even if it is against the will of the individual.

The major consequences of this particular fear form
The fear of rejection leads way to a severe identity crisis, as a result of which the particular victim loses all the confidence to frame up his own will and power, and persistently finds himself a loser.

This acts like a salt on the sore, and the victim tends to become all the more vulnerable.

Irritation and outrageous actions often find vent in them and are followed by self-destructive attempts to bring an end to the bitter circumstances.

How to deal with the fear
The best way to treat fear of rejection is through NLP Self Help techniques The method has been found out to be extremely effective in driving away the fear from the individual, thereby restoring happiness and health of the victim.

The unique NLP Self Help techniques enables you to reconstruct your lost confidence and push away the fear of rejection far from your vicinity.

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