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Those who have fear of rejection prefer to stay isolated. They don't feel the inclination to mix with others.

They always feel that everyone else is in a better position and if they come close to these people in life then they would be instantly rejected.

Why do people have fear of rejection?
Some parents have the habit of comparing their child with others.

They go on telling their child that how good others are and how much more the child has to cope up in life.

No problem if this is done in the right way but if the parents go on rebuking their child constantly then consequences are bound to be adverse.
If you have experienced something similar in childhood then it is likely for you to have this fear.

How do you feel when you have this fear?

  • You don't feel like saying something or doing things in the presence of others.

  • You try to make an estimate of yourself by depending on what others have to say about you.

  • You tend to feel that people will never accept you for what you are.

  • You at times agree to several unfavorable things in life only because you feel that if you say no, you will be at once rejected.

  • You want to be accepted and not being refused by others and thus you start dressing, acting and behaving according to other's preference.

What happens as a result of fear of rejection?
When you have the fear of being rejected you feel a lack of energy which results in a kind of self immobilization, self defeating and self destructive attitude.

Such an attitude provides full encouragement to irrational thoughts and behaviors which ultimately gives way to personal doldrums, fixation and depression.

How does self help NLP help in combating fear of rejection?
This is a set fantastic techniques with the help of which you can easily get rid of this irrational condition of fear. Self help NLP techniques will help you to bring about a drastic change in your thought pattern.

It works from within redoing your psychological set up. Once you are out of this condition you are sure to accept life in a better way.

A chance to get in touch with reality
Susan had fear of rejection. She had previously gone through two cases of unsuccessful relationships. The reason for this was that Susan was never able to give her best because she constantly suffered from the fear of being rejected.

She found it difficult to express herself because she had a relentless fear of rejection.

Now, circumstances have changed for Susan and she has been able to get out of the dilemma with the help of effective self help NLP techniques

She is now a changed person altogether and enjoys acceptance and have no nightmares about rejections and refusals in life.

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