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by: Anonymous

I had that exact same thing since I was a young child. I know how it feels. I used to hate washing my hair because of the water getting "in" my ears. I was terrified to be baptized at my church because I knew they dunked your head underwater. I couldn't swim or go underwater because I couldn't plug my nose and my ears at the same time. I used to make up excuses when I went swimming why I couldn't put my head underwater. It was bad. I think the only thing that helped me was being forced to do it. I was on a field trip in grade 3, to a local pool. Our instructor had us jump in the deep end, one at a time. I was in front of all my friends, so I had to do it. It was awful. After that it was three years before I put my head underwater again. I practiced putting my face under first. Then, I started tilting my head and putting one ear under at a time. After I was used to this, I just went on and dunked my head. I learned how to swim shortly after this. It honestly still bugs me a little, and I can't go too deep. But, at least I'm not afraid anymore :)

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