fear of puke...

by Niekyra
(Spokane, washington, usa)

Ok, so, for the last few years i have had this deathly fear of puke. not 'puking', just puke in general. the smell, the look, the sound...i think it comes from when i was really young and would be riding the bus in grade school, and the middle schoolers would make themselves sick to avoid turning in homework...
i mean, this phobia gets so bad, that even when someone throws up in a movie i cringe, my stomache flips, and i have even had to leave movie theaters before. it sucks. Now, i am lyin in bed, its 3:30am on a school night and i wake up to the sound of my 7 year old brother telling my dad he just threw up. i am now shaking and crying and my stomache hurts and i have a headache...now i have to use the back way to get outta the house...i hate this!
do i need help or something? because i want it...i want something that can help this fear of puke phobia go away!

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