Fear of Publick Speaking.

by aka

I have this fear of publick speaking and if i remember well it started when i was in high school approximately between grade 9 & 10.Its like it is growing everyday & when it start to attack me my whole body shakes in a strange way,i experience excessive sweat,heart palpitation,dizziness,dry mouth,unable to hear a word i'm saying.Even sometimes when i'm alone i can feel my body shaking & my heart beating quickly & aloud.In high school when a teacher asks a question i would raise my with a minor confidence & just before she/he points at me,my heart would have already started beating so quickly & having excessive sweat.Then she/he would point at me,before giving an answer i would feel dizzy & unable to arrange my words in a way that they will be heard.Right now i'm in university and experiencing the same problem,what should i do?

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