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by: Anonymous

I feel uncomfortable when i'm in a bus or somewhere crouded I feel that everyone is watching me and when someone talks to someone else i think they are talking about me or laughing at me or something
I just hate look people in the eyes or hate when they look at me in the eyes it's hottible!

I used to have the same fear
by: Bill

Hi Arpit,
I used to also have a similar fear of going out in public - especially in cities.
I wasn't afraid of any label, rather I was afraid of being accosted, attacked, and/or embarrassed. This shifted dramatically a few years ago when I realized that most of the people around me were at least as scared as I was, often more-so.
I had grown up being told to "beware of strangers" and the lesson went deep.
I was afraid that no-one wanted to talk with me and would want to hurt me.
Now I talk to strangers as often as possible, realizing that they are usually afraid to initiate and that no-one out there wants to hurt me.
If you catch someone's eye, just smile, show them you care.
It's made all the difference in the world for me.


by: Anonymous

What is the name of this phobia?

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