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only my own
by: madison

this is a phobia i recently developed. ive lived 20 years being fine with pruning. then, i started messing with my anxiety medications because my old one stopped working, and suddenly, i have an intense fear of pruny fingers. only on myself. its when i rub them together. i get flushed with stress. glad i'm not the only one with this bizarre phobia.

aahhhh finally
by: Anonymous

My family always makes fun of me for this.. I can't stand the feeling. Soooooo glad I'm not alone!! Doing dishes is hell for me and i can't take showers.. I take baths so I can keep my hands out of the water as long as possible...

same way
by: Dustin

Yup me too!!!! Ever sense I was a kid I have hated when my fingers get pruney. Or freaks me out!!! My family and friends STILL make fun of me. But here is a question, IF you touch something with pruney fingers, does it make your mouth feel weird??? Or is that just me?

thank god im not alone
by: April

I have a fear too I have panic attacks if someone touches me with pruney fingers or feet. And if my boyfriend trys to hold my hand with pruney fingers.. that's the worst I start crying.. its something about the texture that freaks me out. Is there a way to overcome it?? I would love to not have this phobia anymore

Me Too!
by: Autumn

I also have a fear of pruney fingers. I have to wear gloves while doing dishes, I give my kids a bath with gloves on, after a shower I put gloves on so I don't touch anything while my hands are pruney, and I also can't go swimming for long periods of time. My fear is what will I do when I get old and my hands and feet are pruney all the time! I also don't want to pass this ridiculous fear onto my children! I hope someone can help me to overcome this fear. Thank You for your post! I thought I was the only one and I have been made fun of for years!

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