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Thank God I'm Not Alone!
by: Anonymous

I am almost 18 years old and I've always been afraid to go. When I was little my parents put me on laxatives, but as soon as they were convinced I didn't need them, I went right back to holding it in. As I got older, I actually started being grateful for my menstrual cramps because they would make me go and I didn't need to convince myself! it gets so bad that I start peeing in the shower so I don't have to sit on the toilet... I just can't stand anything about it! the feeling, the pain, the smell, the clogging toilet, Anything!

by: Anonymous

same here guys!!
i can only do it in my own home and sometimes i feel i dont have time, so i will go once a week and sometimes less, its because i dont feel comfortable, if someone can hear theres no way its comeing out!! if i hear someone walk past the bathroom or any sounds at all realy, its so anoying and iv been getting ill from it!!!

wow...not the only one
by: Anonymous

I have been battling this fear of pooping for about 8 years now. Im only 20....I hate going b.c i know its going to hurt and i know its going to be huge..when i was younger my family made fun of how big it would be so it made me self concience so i wouldnt go.. Now that i work and have a kid, i have to secretly try to hold it in...Ill run to the bathroom to just hold it in...I am so sick of this. It hurts my stomach and makes me tired alot..

I need help too and im soooo glad im not the only one dealing with this, i just thought it was me and i was a dork

by: Anonymous

....i have come to reaise that it is the sound of the plop i dont well as the undignified way it leaves...and childhood floters in the swimming pool... sounds weird but its true !!!!

by: Solituded

olive oil came into the picture, came to me one day sounded great, canola oil you can eat too, the one i have is pure dunno if it needs to be pure. im in a problem now due to the times of mass strain, im plump n not tall green brown weathered stone and im guessing its a hemmroid of sort, its getting worse too, too late to have know this to stretch it out the span of my life the wall that many times held back the dynamite i didnt know was comming. feels like im pooping broken glass sometimes. if your gonna give olive oil to animals putting it on a spoon first not direct from bottle may be the way, too much came out and one was afraid to eat it. honey sounds really healthy additioning from the bible then the internet, i thought god was feeding this girl just honey and oil, found out fine flour was in their too with that sentence <:( the red sea discoveries with the chariots chasing moses is on the internet, chariot wheels on the sea-bed yay

by: Anonymous

I Get scared to poop, I meean I dont get it that much but when I do im just scared to let it out, its like im scared I might push out my inner organs and it hurts soo badly to push it out i mean i do hold it cause im scared and i dont wanna be scared anymore cause its making my tummy hurt my back and everything in between, someone help me please???

by: Matt.M

Wow, I thought I was the only one - I wouldn't say I'm afraid of pooping but it doesn't come out and I feel someone is always watching so I get really uncomfy and can't force it out, I've started squeezing the tissue role and closing my eyes now, works on occasion!

i want to cry
by: Hannah

please help me i need to poo but i cant, it only started recently but every time i go to do a dump im scared, I am crying as i write this. It always seems to hurt a bit when i do get to do one but its getting in the way of my school work.

by: Sarah

Hey, My name is Sarah and I just wanted to say, im the same! I really really need to just squeeze the poop out but i'm scared to! i dont know what scares me, but im terrified of pooping! I really desperately need to take a huge dump right now :(

by: James Birdsong

It's a phobia.

by: Anonymous

is there anyway to solve this?? i have this same problem!!

Fear of Pooping
by: Penna.

Me too...

What the heck is this about ? I've developed this fear of pooping. I'm on medication that constipates me. I take a stool softener and senna, a vegetable based laxative daily. Everytime I sit on the toilet, my butt tighens up...I try to relax and can only poop a little bit two or three times a day. I think I need fiber. What do you think ?

Phobia of pooping is making me crazy ! Maybe because I am a bit coo coo. Oh to have a good 'ole poop. Damn Medication...

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