Fear of poles

by Jamie

When I was little, my brother and I were racing outside in the dark to reach the safety of a stores lighted entrance. All of a sudden I heard a loud thud. Looking over, I saw that my brother had been close-lined by a rail and was laying on his back in agony. Even though I got a good laugh out of it, I'm convinced this has something to do with my phobia. Okay so what it is... If it is dark in a room or outside, I can't run or move very fast cause I'm terrified that a pole will appear infront of me. Even of it is a familiar space, my mind tells me otherwise. I've tried to get over it by running at night around the neighborhood, but I always block my face with my arms because the feeling just doesn't leave it makes me cringe. Having the love for rollercoasters, I decided to tough it out and rode at night... It was almost UNBEARABLE. Imagine every 5 feet you zoom past, a pole is rocketing towards you're head. I kept my eyesclosed the entire way and couldn't put my hands up cause Lord knows a pole would have taken them off..... Even though I loved that same ride an hour earlier In the light. Is there a name for this fear of poles?

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