Fear of pointy objects

by Brahm Crodd
(Oregon, US)

I am 18 and have had this since I can remember. I feel a strange discomfort when I am in close proximity with pointed objects. I don't know of a good way to explain it, but imagine there was a needle pointed at your eye and slowly moving closer, and you want to look away. that's what it feels like when I'm faced with it. I can't directly look at an edge or corner, or point if it is within about 3 feet of my face. A friend of mine ages ago told me it could be some sort of claustrophobia, which sounds near enough along the lines. I myself have had a few claustrophobic experiences, but who hasn't? Most people I have told, even older People that I believed would perhaps know someone going through the same issue, would think I'm crazy. Sometimes it affected my daily life. It's even to the point where I can't watch videos where the camera is close up to something, like a wall. I feel it might get worse the more I worry about it, so I try my best to move past my fear boundaries all the time. If I walk past a sharp object, I really force myself to accept that it's there and move on rather than avoid it. If anyone wanted to research what it is, I have had a few traumatic experiences that could be a cause. When I was 5, I fell out of a second story window, a fault of my own, clumsy me. And when I was about 8-12, I would fall over a lot and bump my head Into everything. Alot of the areas I played at as a kid had brick walls with rather sharp edges and I would climb on them all the time, occasionally bumping one. I almost forgot to mention, I practice a sport called "Parkour", if anyone knows what that is, it does put me in close proximity with walls and fences etc. I saw an article saying it could be due to lack of sleep, that , right now looks to be one piece of the puzzle. I have not slept properly for a week and it has grown to a noticeable itch. I have average eyesight, although my depth perception is abit below average, which can also explain why things might feel so close up to me at times. I hope someone can look into this, it is not a life threatening problem, but I would love to know what my body has been up to :') thanks for reading!

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