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me to
by: Anonymous

i am afraid of pool filters and any toilets i haven't been with for at least 4 months i will just scream if a toilet floods and i cant get out im afraid of some shower heads oh i won't even mention porta pottys i used to go pee in a sink a long time ago

My family always told me I was weird!
by: Sam

And for a while I thought I was really strange, the only person in the world with this fear! I'm a 15 year old girl, and my fear extends from strange toilets, sinks, showers, exposed pipes and anything with plumbing. Unless I'm used to it, it frightens me. I recently moved into a new apartment with my mother, and my toilet likes to run after being flushed, as well as bubble in the tank.
and I am terrified to sit on it until it stops (takes around 3-5 hours) My shower is even worse, and I actually had an incident the other day when the shower head started to make this strange squealing noise. I wound up jumping, and slipping, out of the shower and standing 7 feet away from it just looking at the shower curtain for around 15 minutes, even though the squealing noise had ceased. I especially hate weird noises coming from plumbing... That's my worst nightmare.

My least favorite piece of plumbing is the movement sensitive flushing toilets! It seems like every hotel in Vegas has them, and I absolutely can NOT use them. Not in a million years, no! Besides, when I'm that nervous, I can't go to the bathroom anyways!
The toilets that simply hang off the wall scare me because I feel like if I sit on them, they will break off the wall, and for some reason that really REALLY freaks me out. Even just imagining it scares me.
I've never really had dreams though, and I'm not afraid of the toilet/plumbing sucking me in the drain. That's my friend's favorite explanation for the fear. I'm not quite sure why I'm scared, or what I'm afraid will happen, but I do recall as a child, always being afraid of the toilet, even at my own house. I would literally hold it in until I was so constipated that I would have to go to the doctor. (sorry if you didn't need to know that haha) It's gotten A LOT better through the years, and I'm a lot more trusting of plumbing now. I'll never let that happen again. But I'm glad that I can share this fear with people who understand! :)

small bathrooms
by: Eden

i have kind of a similar fear, but I'm really only scared of small bathrooms, or monochromatic ones or ones with labels and directions as to what to do (like airplane or cruise ship bathrooms)
I hate flying because of my fear, and always avoid airplane bathrooms. I've only used one once, and I was still young enough that my mum had to go with me. The toilet was a nasty grey colour and the wall behind you curved over your head, kind of closing you in. And the way you have to manually empty the sink? *Shivers*
I;ve also only been a cruise once, but the lighting in the room made everything seem yellow instead of white, and after you pressed the button to flush the toilet, a draft of cold air would come from under the sink onto your feet and for some reason that really scared me. i never closed the bathrooms doors all the way for fear of being locked in.
I had to take two showers on that trip, and I had to keep my eyes closed the entire time and not turn around or I would rub up against the shower's sides. Even so I came out shaking and in tears.
I really don't understand what makes me so terrified of this, I've never had a bad childhood experience, yet just the thought of such bathrooms almost reduces me to tears.

I thought I was crazy!
by: Anonymous

Automatic toilets are what started my fear. When I was little, my mom would take my siblings and I to this country club pool and I would LOVE it and never want to leave, until... it was potty time. The place had these automatic toilets that were super sensitive and flushed really violently, I would cry. Now every time I see an automatic toilet I cringe. Exposed plumbing or any abnormalities freak me out too. I also have to talk myself into sitting on the toilet. Oddly enough, showers freak me out more. While I can trust a public toilet I WILL not trust any shower other than my own, and my own still bothers me. I have stood shaking next to a hotel shower for ten minutes (no joke, this was a few months ago) with my hand hovering above the dial wondering if it'll blow up when I touch it. I guess my real fear is of plumbing exploding. I even wrote a childrens' book about it for english.

Thought I was the only one!
by: Anonymous

Well, I'm so glad to see that I'm not really that weird! For me, it's not just water pipes but also the vavles in horns, especially the really big ones like tubas but really the thought of valves creeps me out. This extends to pipe organs, accordions or anything with reeds and bellows, and also those little steam pipes that play music, like on old carousels. Of course, the mere thought of being near the huge smoke stack on a cruise ship or hearing the monstrous bellow of the horn is terrifying to me. It's not so much the loudness of the sounds but the quality of it and the thought of that much air or water being trapped and pushed through tight bends or reeds. It's like I feel like I am inside the pipes and trapped. I think maybe some of the source of at least the pipe phobia is from watching Willy Wonka when I was a kid. That scene where the kid gets stuck in the pipe is CREEPY! Then there was the Poseidon Adventure from the '70s. The thought of having to swim underwater to save yourself and not knowing how far you might have to go or if you may be trapped eventually is absolutely terrifying to me. Ditto for "The Abyss", where that woman had to intentionally drown herself to be rescued because she had such a fear. I would, could, NEVER be able to do that. I am also terrified of the hugeness of the ocean or the idea that I could be swept away or not be able to touch the bottom or see what critters and plants are under me. Anyway, I thought I was definitely the only person fearing pipes. Whew!

by: Anonymous

Reading these comments brought out fears in me that I knew I had but didn't associate them with my fear or frestrooms. So I'm terrified as well of restrooms, not house restrooms just pubic ones.. worst are the ones at campgrounds with dim lit facilities ugh omg! Terrifying. I hate the metal ones, don't like the ones with lids on the bottom that open up when u flush. Got over the whole self flushing ones, but hated them at one time. I'm terrified to be in a public restroom and look up cuz my fear of pipes sets in, I immagine there is no ceiling and above me is all pipes! I don't like black stripes or anything black in pools, or the drains, or the filter things on the sides of the pools. Or boiler rooms, omg. I'm shaking.. lol I will not go into a restroom first, if someone is with me, they have to go in first. I have to open the stall door and be halfways out b4 I have to flush the toilet, most of the time with my foot. I have had nightmares of people just chillin in a huge locker room type restroom with toilets all over the place n I'm like freaking out... I have also had nightmares of being stuck in a restroom with a lot of stalls all around me and no way of getting out. My fear of pipes one time scared a lady at the movies, I worked as security for screenings so we had to check the projector rooms for recording devices, so we got in the elevator (my sister, me, another guard and movies manager) but when the elevator doors opened up, in front of us was like a million dark huge thin all kinds of pipes, I almost had a nervous breakdown, I had to go back cuz I was terrified. My sister had to explain to them my situation..but the worst happened to me a few weeks ago when the lights went out when I was using the restroom at Walmart!!! Omg I almost died, luckily my step daughter came to the rescue..I'm so glad everyone is aware of my phobia because I don't think I would be able to live my life hiding it. Its such a horrible phobia, one that takes over and controls your life! I have gotten better at controling my emotions when I'm faced with situations like this tho... I hope there is no pipes in paradise!!!

Terrified of Shower Heads
by: Dina

I am 49 yrs old female and ever since I can remember I have had terrifying dreams of showers.I cannot live in a place without a window in the washroom and am terrified when on occasion I stay in a place without a window in the washroom. I go to extremes to wash my hair in the sink and bathe my body separately. I will never ever shower when it is dark outside. During the day it is no problem as long as I am in familiar surroundings. Several times a year I have my shower nightmares, dreams about the shower head spraying menacingly, wshroom fogging up, lights flicking on and off and shower head turning real scary looking like the face of a snake, or worse water pressure pushing a telephone shower off and it spraying around wildly. Toilets scare me too, now I am a superintendent of a mid size building and believe me, I am terrified of those washrooms without windows, I leave the lights on always in the empty units washrooms and will never ever test the shower. EVER. My husband laughed at this phobia until one day he was taking a shower in a temporary apartment we had, shower stall only and no window (I took sponge baths in the kitchen). Well, he was taking a hot shower and suddenly there was a power failure - he became blind in the shower and freaked out himself. He said he almost had a heart attack. I am glad I am not alone with this phobia but it impacts my life severly. I actually became Muslim a few years back and learned that jinns live in washrooms and there is a prayer to protect one from all haram and evil things lurking in the washroom that you say before entering. It sure is a frightful way to live with this, Thank God my kids do not suffer from this phobia. I asked a psychiatrist what this could be and he said since the movie Psycho with the shower scene people are scared/ I told him, Psycho deals with external issues apart from the shower, but my problem lays with the shower itself. It is strange because my parents shower never worked while I was growing up. They only fixed it when I was 13. My nightmares started when I was 4 or 5 years old. long before the Psycho movie. What is this? Is there a name for this phobia? Even my trailer has a window in the washroom and there I am never scared of the shower. So, what gives? This won't go away on its own. Other than that phobia, I am a normal respectable hard working woman. Is there a name for this phobia? It really makes moving difficult because I will never ever even look into a washroom that has no window. Please help me!! When I have those several times a year nightmares of showers, I am left spent and drained for several days after. Thank you for this forum. At least I know I am not alone.

by: Anonymous

Hello Everyone,

Like most of you, I am so happy to know that I am not alone. Ever since I can remember, I have had an intense and uncontrollable fear of strange public restrooms, toilets that flush by themselves, the long or short silver exposed pipes on toilets, dark restrooms, and black seats. I, too, have nightmares about public restrooms. In my dreams, I am alone in the restroom, and the bathroom entrance disappears. I am in a room full of toilets with the pipes exposed and they all have either a very loud flush or are flooding.

During wake hours when we are in public places, I too, have my husband check out the men's bathroom before I will know whether I can use the bathroom or not. He is patient with me, but doesn't understand my fear. My daughter is 7, and right now she isn't aware of my fear, but I hope that I don't pass it on to her, because it can ruin vacations and limit where you choose to work. Right now, she doesn't like the automatic toilets [I wonder where she got that from :-) ]

If there are a lot people in the bathroom, like at an amusement park, I MIGHT be alright using the public restroom. I am usually alright with the toilets with the white box on the back.

I am 31, and I am finally starting to open up about this fear, and no one I talk to understands, but you all do, and that is some comfort. :-)

I will be thrilled if one day we can all overcome this unusual fear.

Hello sisters and brothers
by: I

Hello Everyone,

Like most of you, I am so happy to know that I am not alone. Ever since I can remember, I have had an intense and uncontrollable fear of strange public restrooms, toilets that flush by themselves, the long or short silver exposed pipes on toilets, dark restrooms, and black seats. I, too, have nightmares about public restrooms. In my dreams, I am alone in the restroom, and the bathroom entrance disappears. I am in a room full of toilets with the pipes exposed and they all have either a very loud flush or are flooding.

During wake hours when we are in public places, I too, have my husband check out the men's bathroom before I will know whether I can use the bathroom or not. He is patient with me, but doesn't understand my fear. My daughter is 7, and right now she isn't aware of my fear, but I hope that I don't pass it on to her, because it can ruin vacations and limit where you choose to work. Right now, she doesn't like the automatic toilets [I wonder where she got that from :-) ]

If there are a lot people in the bathroom, like at an amusement park, I MIGHT be alright using the public restroom. I am usually alright with the toilets with the white box on the back.

I am 31, and I am finally starting to open up about this fear, and no one I talk to understands, but you all do, and that is some comfort. :-)

I will be thrilled if one day we can all overcome this unusual fear.

Strange bathrooms, wierd plumbing, strange pipes, funny looking toilets
by: Indy

I swear, I thought I was the only one until I seen this site. I'm officially scared of bathrooms, plumbing, and pipes every since I was little. I dont use public restrooms because I just don't want to know what the restroom looks like. It scares me half to death just knowing what the plumbing and pipes might look like in a bathroom. Im a housekeeper and am going to be quitting soon. There, I'm required to clean rooms all the time, and rooms that are wheelchair accessible which mean theres pipes and wierd looking bars in the tub and by the toilet and it scares me. I was in training and got used to cleaning rooms because I always had someone helping me. One day I had to clean a wheelchair accessible bathroom, I push the door open and it just hit me. I instantly got scared to death and ran out the bathroom, so now I have my other associates clean any bathrooms that are wheelchair accessible. Then you have the sinks and you look underneath theres alot of pipes and plumbing and it scares me too. I dont think I will ever get over it. I had a dream once years ago, that I was surrounded by a huge room filled with toilets lined up next to each other. And of course I was stuck in the middle ducking down with my face burried in my hand because I was afraid

Additional fears
by: Anonymous

I posted a while back about my fear of toilets, pipes, showers, etc and now I have to add some things that are related. I also fear swimming pool filters/overflows or whatever the things are in the sides of pools where water sloshes in and out, etc. Pipes that carry any sort of liquid or even vapor even such as natural gas freak me out. I don't like all the gauges either that indicate pressure - maybe fear of an explosion? If we are doing any home repairs that involve plumbing I have to leave the room or get as far away as possible. We had to shut off an ice maker line to a refrigerator that was removed from a home we were working on every time the sink faucet was turned on water would spurt out of the little copper line and it would freak me out. Something else I just remembered are large water towers in communities or the great big water tank farms for really big cities - freaky! freaky! freaky! Especially is they show any signs of rust running down the sides of the tank. Can't deal with that at all. Maybe my fear is of water in general and all things that remind me of water, IE: pipes, tanks, tubs, hoses, etc.

Fear of Pipes
by: Anonymous

I have a touch of this strange phobia...I'm not afraid of toilet seats, but I don't like the inner workings of the toilet and won't take off the lid. I don't like dingy old pipes or tub drains. I don't like jets in tubs or pipes that make any noise. When I was little, we had a jacuzzi bath tub which I was ok with using unless the jets were on. One time my brother turned the jets on while I was in the tub and scared the Hell out of me. Maybe I felt like something was gonna come out of time I was getting a bath and my mom opened a little compartment on the front of the tub (guess the jacuzzi was not working right?) and when she opened it I got scared, I didn't want the inner workings of the tub exposed while I was in it. And then in another house I lived in when I was a teenager, the pipes in the bath tub would sometimes make this loud horrible sound when you'd turn the water on. Also scared me and made me not want to get a bath. I used to take a lot of showers in the other bathroom. I don't like faucets either, just the other day I had to rinse my hair in the kitchen sink and the faucet was touching my head and my hair was getting in the drain and I had to keep pulling my head away to keep from freaking out. I don't like old toilets either. They are creepy and I won't sit on one.

Sounds like me 100%
by: Anonymous

Glad I'm not alone!!! I have the toilet dream and the fear of weird toilets(metal, white with black seat etc.)

So glad I am not alone and neither are you!
by: Anonymous

I have had a strange bathroom phobia since I was about 2 or 3 according to my mom, related to a painful BM or something like that. It has persisted my whole life (over 50 years) but has diminshed to the point that I can talk myself out of it. But it is always there. After reflecting now, I see that I also have a fear of black toilets.. (you can't see what is down there and may be coming to get you??) and exposed piping...yuch..I had to flush and run, (unlock the stall before I flush,etc) like the rest of you.. I have had recent panic attacks while sitting in the bathroom at work and the lights go out from lack of movement (I am usually texting or something) THAT IS SHEER PANIC.. I also had a panic attack, but didn't know it at the time, when I had to stay in cheap hotel for a business reason, but they did not know it was so run down, since it was still expensive for business purposes. This hotel had a adjoining bathrooms, with the sink in the room where I was sleeping. I had a clear shot of the piping under the sink and this sent me into hysteria. I did not sleep all night and had to change hotels. The room with the toilet and shower also had me panicking that someone would come in mid-pee, and I was too scared to shower there too.. Not to mention that I was first shown a room that had pee in the toilet.. I asked for another room immediately! It gets better, but never goes away completely!

toilet/restroom/pipe phobia
by: Anonymous

I have had this same phobia since I can remember! I can't believe I am not alone! I can't go to public restrooms unless someone is in there, so I will actually go when I see another woman going so I won't be alone. I hate the old toilets that have the tank at the top of the bathroom and the long chain to flush it with! I screamed one time when I went into a Hard Rock Cafe and that's what they had for toilets. Horrifying!!! I will never use one of those! I am so scared of dim lit restrooms, running water, water hammer, drains, shower heads that are weird looking, vent fan noise in the restroom and I hate black toilet seats! I have nightmares that I'm walking in a dim lit locker room and there are nothing but toilets lined up against the walls and they have huge bowls! I have the same dream and always wake up in a cold sweat. I thought I might have been hurt or something in a restroom when I was little and I repressed it, but I think it's an actual phobia. What is up with this?? I would love to be able to go to a public restroom and never think twice about it. I'm 37 years old!!

Black toilet seats
by: Anonymous

Omg I am 26 years old and absolutely terrified of black toilet seats... I refuse to go public toilets if I have never Been there before... But if if I'm really busting and I'm alone I will slowly walk into the ladies with my eyes shut but slightly peeking... The thought of a black toilet seat makes me almost hyper ventilate... If I'm with someone I'll usually make them walk in first to check... Even my boyfriend has walked into females toilets to check it out.... It's crazy to think that this is more common, most people laugh at me but I freak out...

by: Tiffany

I have anxiety attacks at the site of a waterheater plumbing pipes really any kind of pipes.. At the lake near my house I cant even swim in it because I stepped on a pipe in the water. My heart starts racing it gets hard to breathe I dont know why. Is there any help my friends and family think its funny but it terrifies me

Fear of Plumbing
by: Meow

I dicovered this fear when I was seven; I was taking a shower and the shower made a squeaking noise when I shut it off. It never made that sound before, and before you know it I was screaming and scrambling out of there as if the tub was on fire. Why did I do it? Till this day I dont know why.

Since then Im afraid of exposed pipes, pipes underneath the sink, Im terrified of unusual pipe noises, and any old-fashion or dark and gloomy public restrooms.

It's good to know that Im not alone, but Im a college student right now and I still fear plumbing, but it has gotten better because I have to force myself to grow up and of course to not let anybody find out about my unusual fears.

As I grew older, I kinda of grew out of it, but I think one problem remains that I'm still afraid of exposed plumbing; it still bothers the heck out of me. As for the shower thing, Im well over it, but I still fear that something might go wrong; usually fear if the shower pipe will start making creepy sounds. But the fear is not so bad that I will rush everything in there and then shut the water off and run; right now there's nothing mre than light nagging fears that at this stage I can still maintain control over.

by: Anonymous

does anyone else have a fear of black toilets?

Black Toilet Seat Fear
by: Michelle West

Firstly I want to know is there a better name than "Black Toilet Seat Phobia" for being scared of black toilet seats. That name is just suck ass. Secondly, I've been scared of black toilet seats ever since I could remember. It's not only that, but it would also be a black toilet that would tick me off. People would look at me when I'm stupid when I tell them what I'm scared of and others would just laugh at me. Then there are others who ask me did I have a bad experience with that color toilet seat or did I have a bad experience in a bathroom and when I would say no, then that's when people would get confused. Usually when people have a fear of something, it links to something that happened to that person in their life or it links to the abilities of what the thing that the person is afraid of can do. However with me, nothing has happened to me at all in a bathroom, I've never had a bad experience in a bathroom, but as soon as my eyes saw it, my body got the sensation/idea that the toilet seat was/is some sort of threat to me. I remember a time when I was testing somewhere where I didn't know and they let us up for break. Since I was not familiar with the place, I LITERALLY PEEKED into the bathroom stall and I saw a PIECE of it. I instantly got scared and ran back to my testing room. I felt like I was somehow traumatized. That situation literally almost bought me to tears. I can't even look at it in a mirror, in movies, in pictures, or I would just cry. I avoid the places where I know that they exist. Why can't this toilet seat be eliminated from society? I really am scared to DEATH of those things.....and I don't know why.....

It's not just me then!
by: Chris, UK

Like many of you, I have a strong fear of cranky looking exposed plumbing, large uncovered drains, water tanks/hot water cylinders, and various other stuff to do with plumbing and heating/drainage. Like another guy said, it can be embarrassing being a male who is scared of such things, let alone one who's 33!

I think a lot of my phobias can be traced back to the house I lived in when I was growing up, the plumbing was mostly pretty 'Heath Robinson'. The central heating pump was under the bath (for whatever reason!) which made it very loud and echoing while it ran, and the pumps usually expired prematurely for some reason making all manner of shrieks and grinding noises whilst in their death throes! The bath panel fell away once when I was in there post bath and all the pipes and pump were exposed, I bounded out onto the landing outside, soaking wet and sans towel!

There was also the hot water cylinder which half hung over the bath in a large cabinet. Looking back I'm shocked the sodding thing never fell away and into the tub with one of us! oh christ, I'd have had a heart attack on the spot if that had happened.

Due to some of the routing of the water supply pipes we'd also get 'water hammer' if air got in (knocking, banging clanging sounds).

for years I was terrified of using toilets too as the bathroom was invariably in use at our house (I come from a reasonably large family) so the downstairs water closet was the only option sometimes.

Many moons back it was a monstrous overhead cistern (I just did an involuntary shudder), then it was replaced with a low level cistern but it was huge, really big, and dark oily black looking plastic! Eventually the chrome flush button broke so we ended up with just a piece of thick string connected to the innards which was fastened to a steel hoop which you pulled on to flush with, this made the cistern top creak and appear to threaten to lift off. Coupled with a near olympic sized pan in white porcelain and topped off with a huge black toilet seat, it was the stuff of dreams, albeit nightmares.

As I get older I am getting better with such things, low level toilets don't bother me at all (so long as I don't have to look inside the cistern), drains and normal looking exposed plumbing is ok too, as long as there isn't too much on show, I'm also slightly less upset by central heating boilers, and I can do plumbing for things like washing machines etc with pretty much no issue, so no massive leaps and bounds, but things do seem to get a little better as you get older :-)

big problem bathrooms
by: Anonymous

its amd to think that people have the same thing i can not use big toliets with a big bowl if i see them i panic and get out asap lol

Glad I'm not the only one!
by: Amanda B.

I absolutly can not stand stuff like that! Exposed pipes, those automatic tiolets..Ugh! If just terrifing, and I don't even know why. That stuff's just creeped me out since I was a little kid.

I remember being in the first grade, and we had had a little bathroom in the back of the classroom. Well, we had these really weird toilets tht had a two-foot tall pipe connected to the back of the seat, connected to the flusher (I don't know if that's it real name or not :/) I was so scared of that tall silver pipe and my back touching the thing, It's making me sick just thinking about it.

By the way, could being afraid of the long, silver tubes that run through your attic from the AC/Heating unit in your house possibly be connected to this? Those things are ceepy, too.

by: Ms J

Im so happy that I am not the only person that thinks BLACK TOILET SEATS are creepy. I am 29 and I am still scared to death about using any public restroom with a black toilet seat. This might sound crazy but if I go to a spot and I dont know the color of the toilet I send my husband in to check it out in the men's room and then if its white in there 9 times out of 10 its white in the womens. But wait now that trick doesn't always work because one time we were at Captian D's and he went and checked the men's room and their toilets were white so I went to the women's and I barely opened the door and I saw a shadow of the black seat and bolted for the door. I was shaking and he thinks its funny but i told him it is not a laughing matter. so he went in the ladies room and saw that it was black and he felt bad for laughing because i was really upset.
I have had this fear all my life. my mom told me i use to scream and holler when we went to public restrooms with black seats and she said i would piss myself before i use it.
Now I have used them maybe 10 times out of my life and the whole time i am crying and shaking while i squat and look at this black thing with a big split in it. The 10 times I did use them I really had to go bad and i closed my eyes and went in the stall and sucked it up.
I never go in a public restroom fast i always push open the door and creep around the corner to make sure the toilets are white.
Wow this feels good to get this off my chest. I don't think that I will ever get over this fear. Im only scared of 2 things and that is BLACK TOILET SEAT AND CATS.

not alone
by: Anonymous

yay i'm so glad i'm not alone in this. i'm still so terrified of using toilets, especially puplic ones!! and flushing them freaks me out, i have to open the door of the cubicle first, which is a bit embarrasing. i'm even more scared if i'm alone.

once at school i went into the girls bathroom and there was a panel missing from a wall so you could see all the pipes, i freaked out and i've not been able to use the same one since.

i don't know what i hate more, pipes or toilets.

Yay, I'm not the only one!
by: Anonymous

I have had a phobia of exposed plumbing ever since I was little.
I was always scared of that flushing ball inside the top of the toilet. Once I went around to some family friends and they didn't have a lid on theres, so it was all exposed, bobbing away and it was horrifying.
I used to always make a fast get away after flushing too.

And have never liked the bath drain.
Some friends had a large swimming pool and there was a plug at the bottom and I always felt incredibly fearless if I dived down and touched it... which I did after a lot of taunting by other.

Pool filter systems are still aways an issue too. I can't even look at one without having heart palpitations. I used to avoid the small one we had in our old family pool becasue I thought I would get stucked up the 10cm wide pipe.

If there is a big pipe under a bridge I will run across it, or sprint if I can here water sloshing through it.

I can't go into any rooms or boiler rooms if there is any pipes, dials and big taps running across the walls and ceilings. This also includes gas fittings and big tanks.

I feel un-easy even writing about it and think I need to lie down.

So I'm not the only one?!!!
by: Yvonne

I have what I thought was a unique and strange fear of pipes and tanks. When I was small and my mum had to fix the toilet for whatever reason, I had to leave the room. It was a natural thing, I didn't try to explain it and my mother didn't even notice it. When I was in my late teens, myself and a friend went to Butlins in Minehead and the sides of the indoor swimming pool were made of glass so that people walking around outside could see you swimming. Out of curiosity I swam under water to the other side to see what or who could see the swimmers there and I nearly had a heart attack and drowned. It was the 'works' for the pool, like a boiler room and it really freaked me out. I came out of there in a terrible state, but also very confused as to why I had reacted like that. A few years later, I was living in social housing in a high rise and my water tank had an 'overspill' Well I had a fit and went down to the maintenance office, sobbing!! After they'd finished laughing at me, they came and fixed it. They moved me to a refurbished flat on the ground floor which used to be the utility room for the block. It was right on top of the boiler room and I heard all sorts of noises at all times of the day and night. I used to fear that one day my floor would brake and I would fall into a huge tank and it would be the end of the world for me. I moved out of there a long time ago, but I often have nightmares of needing to use a bathroom and not being able to because there is no outside window and I don't trust the plumbing. The room looks very bleak and I fear I will be trapped. This is a re occurring nightmare and I just want to understand it. Maybe then it will go away...

It can get better
by: Anonymous

I've had the same phobia since childhood - dreams and all.

I'm pushing 50 now and it's getting better. I am dealing better now with the black seats and wall-mounted toilets. I'm still freaked out about the pipes under my kitchen sink. I dumped a container of dishwasher detergent packets under there, and they are still sitting there because I won't reach way back there under the pipes to get them and I'm too embarrassed to ask my husband to get them.

I hate, hate, hate automatic flushing toilets. I'm scared to death one will flush when I'm sitting on it.

Believe it or not, I used to be much worse. I used to have to open the door and get ready to run when I flushed a toilet. Now I can stand next to one as it flushes - home or public.

Time and gentle increased exposure helped me get over the worst of it.

Scared of pumbing, showers, drains etc.
by: Evan Mills

I am soo happy that i am not going crazy! I am terrafied of drainage pipes in pools, idk why ither.

The time when i freaked out most was when i was living in our basement and one day all the water from the drains in the froor shot up 5 feet high (it wasnt sewage luckily) and i just sat there and froze shaking in fear. I was too scared to even cry. I am only 15 and i am pretty sure i will not overcome this fear.

Pipe phobia
by: KRS

My biggest fear is black pipes, industrial air conditioning units, heaters, broilers, stuff like that. I keep trying to find a classification of this phobia and can't find one.

Over the weekend, my daughter had a sleepover at Sea World with her Girl Scout Troop and I went with the troop. They took us to back areas where the filters and all where for the aquariums and and pools and I totally had a melt down. It was really embarassing, but I had no control over it. There were no black sewer type pipes, but I was freaked out. My husband thought I was insane until now when I started researching my fear and saw other with the same phobia.

At least now, I don't feel like a freak. I now know that others share my fear. I wish I know what happened to me to cause such a fear.

Phobia of bathrooms
by: Anonymous

Omg I was looking all over the internet with people with the same phobia as I and,finally, I found it. I honestly thought I was the only person with this fear. like ever since I was little I was so scared of public restrooms, and it wasn't because of germs.I kid you not I would piss and crap on myself before I go into a bathroom with exsposed pipes, or the weird plumbling like everyone else is talking about. I really,really,really do not like the old fashioned bathrooms especially; You the ones with the huge windows,exsposed pipes,creepy old mirrors and the weird toilets.I'm actually about to go to college in a few months and I am scared to death that my dormatory commutal bathrooms are gonna be creepy because the school was built in like the 1840s so,yeah,I'm creeped out

Fear of plumbing, pipes, strange bathrooms, shower stalls
by: Anonymous

I remember being a small child and I was playing in the kitchen and opened the cabinet below the sink and I was reaching inside for something and it was dark and I touched the bottom side of the cast iron sink and the drain pipe and it was hot because my mom had been washing dishes and it freaked me out. My husband and I vacation in some not so luxurious places like old cabins or on road trips we'll stop at little motels and it un-nerves me to have to deal with the whole bathroom/plumbing phobia. He didn't understand at first my absolute fear but he now knows that if I don't like the bathroom it's not going to be a good vacation. I feel bad for my fear but I can't get past it. We live in an older house and just recently there has started a humming noise that comes from one of our toilets and it usually happens after you've been running water and I can't get out of the bathroom fast enough when this happens. It freaks the dog out too so I don't feel so bad, lol! I too dream about bathrooms and it's never a pleasant dream. Usually it's a large room full of toilets in stalls and there are people milling around, washing their hands, talking, etc and I'm looking for an empty stall but all that I find have backed-up toilets or water in the floor. I never find a good one and then I wake up. I hate most public restrooms and if there are lots of exposed pipes/plumbing I don't stick around. The water heater closet in our house terrifies me. My mother in law was renting a house and she was showing us around and the laundry room was in a big room that housed the water heater and heater unit. I told her and my husband that I would never have been able to go in that room much less rent the house. Some swimming pools/hot tubs scare me because of the amount of water they hold. I'm glad I found this site and this specific topic. I've never heard of anyone else with this phobia until now.

by: Anonymous

WOW. I was googling a second ago this and I actually have the exact problem, no joke. I'm 15 and I too get really scared about exposed pipes, black seated toilets and ones against the wall. All of it freaks me out. This article relates to me 100%. I just wonder what the name of this phobia is!?

by: Anonymous

I googled this wondering if someone had this same phobia! I too have had a phobia of restrooms especially old ones, public ones, bathrooms with poor lighting and cement walls, toilets with black seats and especially ones that have the metal bowl and automatic flushing toilets. I also have the bad dreams and nightmares with old toilets scattered around the room with no stalls or that malfunction. I've gotten better about it but it really bugged me as a kid. Yet, every now and then I still get those weird bathroom dreams.

Toilet and plumbing
by: Anonymous

I have the same phobia as well and I'm almost 30. I have been afraid of toilets, any strange rest rooms, strange plumbing, and those toilets that have the pipes connected to them, man oh man. Honestly, this is the first time that I have ever admitted to having this problem and it's pretty embarrising, especially being a man. Yeah not cool at all. I'm just glad to see that I'm not the only freak of nature that has this odd phobia.

plumbing phobia
by: Valerie

I, too have a fear of wet porcelain. Mostly sinks, tubs, and where faucets join them. They are so icky, I can barely stand to use them. To clean sinks and such, I have to wear two pairs of gloves.By the same token, I don't like pools or hot tubs. They look slimy. And don't get me started on jetted tubs! I constantly spray my sinks with Tilex. I'm not afraid of germs, just slimy goo. I'm afraid I'll get it under my fingernails. I won't use a wet shower, but will wait until it's dry. I won't use a wet sink either. Is there any one else out there like me?

I could've written this myself!
by: JT

I was googling this EXACT thing, because I have this fear too! I wish I knew exactly what causes it so I can get past it. We're going camping next week and the campgrounds will have showers and public bathrooms. I am more afraid of that right now than the snakes or anything else that could get us while camping. I even insisted to my husband that he has to go with me when I go in to take a shower, etc., but he said they are probably women-only facilities so I will have to go in myself. My hands get clammy just thinking about it.

Everyone I know thinks this is weird, and so I have no idea how to deal with it. Oh and the WORST is the rest stop restrooms with toilets set on a timer that just flush for no reason. Once I was in one and screamed everytime it flushed. The other people in there looked at me like I was a freak when I came out. I was shaking by the time I got back in the car...I just can't take it.

I have the same dreams, as well. Dreams of being in public bathrooms, usually dimly lit, and in public shower rooms. I've had this problem since I was little, and I have to admit, I'm now 42 and STILL haven't gotten past this.

I'm so glad to read I'm not alone.

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