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Me too
by: Relatable

Just like most of the people here, I used to love love love space and stars and things. But it all started when I received my very first beginners space encyclopedia. I remember flipping through the pages, picutres of astronuats and rockets and things to my delightment. Suddenly, I flipped to a random page which showed a picutre of an astronaut getting sucked into a black hole. I knew it was fake but it freaked me out so much, that I immediantly shut the book. I was very surios and stubborn at the time so I would occasinally look back into the book. The picture of the planets and galaxies and especially the one of the black hole would trigger me and I'd literally throw my book across the room. Even though it's been seven years, I still am terrified of pictures of planets, galaxies, and other space inteties. I'm guessing it must be the amount of open space, kinda of like something would pop out of the darkness and that there was no escape for danger. Real High Def photos of planets are what freak me out the most. Especially jupiter. Sometimes I forced myself to look up the word "space" on Google, and I get so scared, I have to cover my eyes and click off the tab. Same thing when I look up pictures of the ocean, especially under water photos. Any videos on these things really freak me out as well. Glad I can finally relate to some people.

by: Anonymous

When I was younger, I had always had the eagerness to learn about space and galaxies. One night, I was dreaming about Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune within the naked eye of sight. It terrified me because I could see every feature and detail of the planets. Ever since I've been scared of looking at planets or even just thinking about how big space is.

Irrational fear
by: Anonymous

I am glad I'm not alone in this fear. I had a recurring dream when I was a child about planets in the sky just above me but for some reason I was the only person who could see them. I would have the same dream frequently and always woke up feeling spooked. I cant look in a telescope as I'm scared what I will see. Crazy I know.

What is the name, is it Astrophobia??
by: Anonymous

Like everyone here, I have the same fear. I thought I inherited it from my mother. She has a hard time too. We also struggle with windmills, especially at night.

Fear of Saturn
by: Amarie

I don't know if it's irony but i have a fear of Saturn . Everytime I see a picture of Saturn I get a chill. I don't know if i'm scared of it's rings or what but i'm terrified of it.

Me too!
by: Alice

I thought I was the only one! It's so ridiculous. but I'm not scared of space and infinity as a concept, for some reason I just get really anxious when I see planets slowly zooming in. I installed a space app on my phone but everytime I tapped on a planet for the details, it zoomed in and I was so terrified! same with the water/ocean feature on Google Earth. I KNOW that no shark is going to jump at me but for some reason it makes me feel really uneasy.

scared of planets and the moon
by: Alicia

I have been scared of the moon since the eighth grade. I hate it when it's big or orange. My legs almost go limp when I see a big moon. I don't like planets or space. I hate movies where they have planets with multiple moons. OMG I can't think of anything scarier.

Im glad its not just me
by: Lizzy

When I was younger I used love space and find planets really interesting but about a year ago, now, I was watching a documentary about space and it showed how it looked from space and the planets moving and I felt incredibly uncomfortable and stressed . A few weeks ago I had a dream I was floating in space and it was so dark and these absolutely huge planets spinning around me.I woke up in a cold sweat and I just hate videos of space now and I get migraines when I see them.

by: Anonymous

I think its ironic that my fear of pictures of outer space happened. 8 years ago I was constantly studying astronomy and I loved it but when it stopped, I realized that I started developing a fear of looking at pictures and especially with looking up at the night sky. Looking through telescopes is a nightmare but looking at a picture is even worse! The same goes for maps. I absolutely hate searching pictures of maps or looking at google earth and the irony is when I was much smaller, I was in love with maps. Why is life so ironic?!

by: Audrey

Well, I remember my friend was talking about her fear of spiders in like the 8th grade and she asked me what I was afraid of, she was probably expecting somehing like "heights" or "needles" or something but the first thing that came to mind was Jupiter. So I guess from that you can tell I've always had this completely irrational fear of planets (mainly Jupiter.) Zooming into pictures if planets or having them blown up on a movie screen makes me feel uneasy and almost panic-like, almost as if the planter will swallow me or something. I think its knowing of their GIGANTIC SIZE frightens me. Whatever it is I'm happy I can prove to my friend mentioned above that im not alone in this after all!

im glad im not alone
by: Jessica

I am very afraid of planet earth pictures and when its shown in movies very high def I start to sweat and panic/heart races. I just feel fear especially when seeing the empty space.... I am scared to google planet pictures that are high def too Q.Q I feel it maybe due to this event in my life when I was in middle school I had this windows millenium compaq computer and it came with this atlas earth thing and u zooom in and that just freaked me out!.... and space freaks me out cause its so oopen and I feel like you will be unprotected no shelter to cover u up.... so yeah I get laughed at cause we live in planet earth but I just can't see it like all high def and planets sigh I hope I break this fear cause its embarrassing when u watch a movie showing space and ur squeezing ur bf hands and closing ur eyes hoping that scene is done with.... sorry for my rant I'm just so happy I can share this and read other peoples experiences :'D

Astrophobia, or the fear of planets
by: Veronica

Ok, so I have read all your comments, and just like most of you, I'm happy to know I'm not the only one with this fear!
but also, I noticed some similarities among us.
For example, many of you described how you like astronomy, and I too liked to learn about the planets when I was a bit younger. This leads me to believe that maybe in order for us to fear this, we need to have at least some basic knowledge of space.
Also, someone described having a dream about being out in space. I dreamed when I was little that I was out in space in a spaceship, and that we had lost control of it, and we were floating straight to the sun. The spaceship had a very big "windshield" for lack of a better word, and as we were getting closer and closer, there was a point I could not see the edges of the star!.... It was completely in front of us, and I couldn't even see the blacknes of space around it anymore.... only the gases burning in the surface with their orange-yellow colored explosions. Sorry if I'm scaring anyone, but you can imagine how freaked out I was when I woke up.

by: Misty

I also like many of you mentioned love learning about planets and galaxies. As a student teacher I had to plan a lesson on astronomy a few months back. I found an Astronomy series on Netflix and I started watching about the sun. At first it was a little uncomfortable and I thought the feeling would pass. After a while my heart started racing, I got kind of dizzy and started sweating. Thinking it was weird, I moved to different episode on galaxies and felt the same thing! I tried watching a different episode the next day and it just gets worse every time. I get like an anxiety/panic attack or something. I can still look at pictures but no videos for me!

curious similarities
by: Zufo

I find it remarkable that many here report that this fear of space, planets, etc hasn't always been the case. Its the same for me. I was always so fascinated with astronomy - and still am. But a few years ago it changed and I now find myself experiencing irrational fears about space. The worst one is thinking about how infinity stretches out in front of me, behind, above, and (eek) beneath me. The earth seems so small and me even smaller in this picture, like I'm floating 10 miles high clinging to a beach ball thats going to pop. It helps a little when I remind myself that the earth has been in this same orbit for over 4 billion years! Ha! This is crazy but thats what fear is. Irrational.

Maybe we're suffering from too much information thats brand new to our species. My grandfather never got a clear view of Jupiter. We're the first to see earth from Google satellites, and the 1st to trip through the stars with Celestia. How to deal with it? Thank God the atmosphere gives me a pale blue ceiling in the daylight so I can feel assured by limits of what I can see. But when night comes, I become exposed to the immensity and it freaks me. I fight to lay on the ground and look up at the stars. I find myself clinging to the ground so that I don't get pulled up into the sky. What started this?

Here's a wild thought. Maybe we're abductees who get taken into ships against our will and have our memories wiped - and they always park in high orbit above Jupiter or Saturn.

Its probably the information overload thing, come to think of it. Glad Im not alone. (PS _ I share a little of each of the fears listed here).

i feel the same way guys!
by: Anonymous

When I was little I was too scared to look at the moon in the telescope. Looking a regular pictures on my phone of the moon and stuff aren't bad. But a big image in a movie theater screen or TV creeps me out so bad. But I can live with it lol

We are not alone . . .
by: zownly1

Finally, after all these years!
I'm okay with looking at the moon & stars and some SMALL pictures of planets in books, but . . .

One day, many moons ago, I decided to have a wallpaper of Mars for my desktop screen, what a mistake. This is when I realized I was so uncomfortable with the sight of the image of the planet on the black background, and it wallpapered my screen with 4 HUGE images of the planet. I was slammed with a wave of fear and a since of gloom and doom, and quickly put my hands over my eyes with an opening just enough to guide me through removing the image as wallpaper. I believe my spine was shivering. I didn't even want my hand to touch the mouse or be near the screen, I felt bad for the mouse pointer having to pass over the huge threatening images:-( Yikes! That was the first experience with knowing this type of uneasiness or fear. Perhaps it's just the image of the planet on the black background. By the way, I also don't like google earth and all the dynamics of zooming features either. When using google driving instructions I also get an uneasiness with the map image zoom levels.

I was so glad to find this site in web searches and to read was comforted reading all the comments from others with similar encounters and experiences - and thanks for finding the word for the feelings, "astrophobia". Sometimes I challenge my brain waves and search images of planets online to see if I can manage looking at them, and with the protective hand over my eyes I still can't look at them. Oh well.

A Bible verse comes to mind - Ecclesiastes 1:9 where it states there's nothing new under the sun.

I feel the same way Bro *PAT*

I've always love to look at the planets but just looking at them gives me a feeling in my stomach. I now have grown a fear for them and I find it strange. Earth doesn't scare me one bit, but Mars and the Moon send me literally running. I don't understand why I have this fear.

by: Sid

i also have this phobia of looking at pictures of planets and the sun. it's really weird because ever since i was a child, i've always loved astronomy. i remember staring at pictures of planets when i was a kid and dreaming of being an astronaut. it's really weird because now that i'm a grown up man, i developed this fear of being sucked into the picture. i think it all started when i saw a video of Jupiter's great red spot. it was really creepy and to think that the spot is bigger than the Earth! really creepy.

Fear of being swallowed/engulfed?
by: Anonymous

OMG, I thought I was alone! I looked up "fear of planets" in google right after trying to look at a 3d image of earth while looking at google maps.

I was ok with it right after it popped up, and was fine when I zoomed out, but when I tried to zoom back in I got this really uneasy feeling, like the planet could just swallow me up. I also feel quite uneasy in huge bodies of water like the beach. I am fine if I just look at it or if I get in to about waist high but anything over my stomach and I start to freak out a little.

I think it's not just a fear of planets it might be more a fear of just being engulfed by something so big.

Fear of planets
by: Anonymous

Finally,others who know what I feel. I also like to stargaze and look space pictures.But when it comes to planets Jupiter,scares the crap out of me,its the giant red spot.And Saturn,the rings are creepy.

Space, underwater reflections and being inside a balloon...
by: Anonymous

OMG I have this phobia! I can't look at high res photos of space or planets... and Google Earth freaks me out if I use the space feature. Planetariums freak me out too. It might be because when I was in grade school we were in a blow up planetarium and the motor that keeps the bubble inflated stopped working and it collapsed in on us... But that was so long ago. I've had a fear of being inside balloons or bubbles before that. Hot air balloons are out of the question. I'd love to go up in one but I can't stand the thought of standing underneath that opening looking up into the balloon. I'm not afraid of open space or water... but the reflection underneath the surface of the water freaks me out. I can't let the water be still because I know it will create a mirror image of everything underwater. Same if I'm in the bathtub... I rarely take baths because of this. Also, if there is anything on the bottom of the pool like a design, no way I'm getting in the water... Drains aren't so bad anymore if they're small but I was terrified of them when I was young. I didn't even have a specific thing like a creature or anything that I was afraid of coming out of it or getting sucked into it. I guess it's fear of the unknown... what's behind the drain?lol Even though now I know it's just plumbing it still freaks me out for some reason. Also, if it's pitch dark, I freak out because my mind instantly goes to me floating in space. Ughhh I hate it. I LOVE learning about planets and the universe but I can't look at photos of them!

Google Sky!!!!
by: JArimus

Considering there are so many phobias, I guess it's not too surprising that we are commenting on such a thing as planets. I love Google Earth and I had recalled this evening that it also has Mars, the Moon and the stars to explore. Well, I made the bad mistake of looking at the stars and galaxies. Eventually I typed in Jupiter and hit 'enter'. I slowly zoomed in on it and as it filled my screen I was overcome with fear. It's not like any fear I feel during any given day. I started breathing quickly and felt an urgent (and somewhat panicked) need to close the program. Even after I closed it I looked rapidly around my room to shake that fear, but it took time to subside. Like all of you, I have some form of astrophobia. I love outer space, too. So it's pretty sad.

lonely fear
by: Anonymous

When I was in my mid teens (45 years ago) I became very aware of infinity and eternity and became very afraid of this. I had moments of terrifying panic attacs and would wake up afraid and sweating. I understand there is a name for this phobia.
About that time I also had the fear that I was the only concious being in existance and everything around me was an illusion. Would like to know if there is a name for this phobia.
At that time it was a very lonely situation. I felt I could not share my fear or talk about it.
Thankfully times have changed.

Lonely fear.
by: Anonymous

During my mid teens, I had a terrifying fear of infinity and eternity. For some weeks it would never leave my mind. I would wake a terrified and sweating.I understand there is a name for this phobia.
I also thought of the possibility that I was the only concious being in the cosmos and everything I knew was just an illusion and there was nothing else in existance.
Would be interested to know if this phobia is known about.

your not alone
by: Anonymous

i am scared of the planets it started when i was 12 i saw planet earth on google thing and i freaked out i was so scared!!!! i dont understand why it's really weird.....but for some reason i had this dream i went to space and was up close with earth i freak out. i swore to myself i would never go to space!!!!

Same here
by: Anonymous

i have mixed feeling on this. I do enjoy looking at pictures of planets- both real and computer generated- ut at the same time, they freak me out. I dont think i could be watching at them for a really long time, they overwhelm me, specially Saturn and Saturn-like planets. There's thic computer generated image of a Saturn-like planet which has its rigns sideways and it drives me insane looking at it.

Me too
by: Anonymous

Ever since I was about 8 years old or so, I have had a reoccurring nightmare of the planets falling. I don't know what started it, but for nearly 30 years, I continue to have these nightmares on a regular basis. I have tried to see what they mean in dream dictionaries, but cannot locate the source. Some dreams are so real that I wake up covered in sweat. Just last week was the first time in my dream that I lived through the actual collision. But in my dream the gravity pull was off and I knew that we were all going to die as I realized the Earth would either move too close or too far from the sun. I have no idea what these dreams mean, so if someone has an explanation I would really appreciate it. Thank you!!!

by: ann

OH!! i feel scared too whenever i see real pictures of planets and stars and everything in the universe that im seeing in the SPACE.COM im hoping that i could overcome my phobia ..

by: Vineet

Even I got the same fear, even got freaked out with an android app over planets.. silly :P
Atleast I have a name for my fear now-Astrophobia

i'm not alone!
by: mike

the first time i can remember freaking out over pictures of planets was when i was 6 or 7 years old and i was looking through our encyclopedia britannica. In the front of one of the books were pictures of planets, and as soon as i saw them i started losing it. my whole body locked up and my heart was racing wild. i couldn't flip through the pages fast enough and eventually slammed the book shut and put it back on the shelf. i have no idea what would have been the cause of this, especially experiencing it so young. i've tried to get over it by myself and i've gotten to the point where i can deal with it as long as the pictures aren't too realistic. if it's straight up pictures or footage from space, i still can't deal with it. a planetarium would still be out of the question. i don't have a fear of open spaces or large bodies of water, so i can't explain it with that. i really wish i could figure out so i could watch certain movies and play certain video games without freaking out. i want to play mass effect so much, but it's probably not happening anytime soon.

Fear of planets / interstellar catastrophe
by: Anonymous

Wow, I'm so glad I'm not alone! My fear is in regards to the gargantuan size of the planets, and the thought of our Earth ending in billions of years or mass amounts of energy from star quakes / solar storms wiping out our planet. I'm glad that I'm not alone in my fears!

Me too!
by: Anonymous

I'm so relieved im not the only one. Those planets freak me out! Even the Earth and Moon. Its so scary. I can't stare at for a while without shuttering. I always think of huge rocky planets that you can just go fly and smash your face in. My sister is always laughing like CRAZY. Although im not afraid of water. I also have nightmares of planets following me or something. Hope I dont sound like a freak...

strange fears
by: Anonymous

It was interesting to realize that I'm not the only one for the fear of seeing planets. People thought me crazy when I start breathing hard and get anxiety attacks (which a lot of you should know what I mean) I just fear falling into one of those huge unknown planets and it makes me feel sick. I just hate how never ending space is. I also fear huge masses of water(this does not mean I'm scared of showering or all the water)I just hate seeing huge waves and the only thought of it paralyzes my heart. Thanks for sharing your comments:)

by: Samantha

Yeah, I have the same problem as you all. It's not particularly all the planets, but certain pictures just... make me feel so horribly ill >.< It's not that I don't like the idea of it being desolate or lonely but... just the image makes me feel sick. Like, you could load up a clear photo of Jupiter (and it needs to be a decent size though) and I won't be able to look at it for more then 3 seconds D:. I have no problem with little images and just looking at the moon for real though... strange. My worst is Saturn and Jupiter. Once I was playing a game named Uru (some of you might know it...?) and on one of the levels the first thing you notice is a giant Saturn like planet in the sky Q-Q I spent the entire level looking the opposite direction. And one part of it involved looking through a telescope T-T I had to get my sis to do it for me...

by: abril

Thank you all! I feel much better to know I'm not the only one, I'm so afraid of planets too, I just can't describe

And I don't understand 'cause when I was little I used to love planets and the universe and such, I even had a telescope! and a couple of years from know I just can't stand to look anything that has to do with the universe or planets

by: Anonymous

I think the research is helpful. this is exactly how i feel and why i fear- they are so big and bright and i feel like they are going to take me in and I feel lonely when I look at them which makes me feel scared.

by: Anonymous

It's called Astraphobia. I am terried when I see pictures from space. I get a full anxiety attack. I haven't always been like this...I used to have quite an interest in our Universe. I have no idea why I have developped this phobia. I am also very phobic of large structures. So much so, when I see one, I get to the verge of passing out. Very irrational, I know, but it's a terrible affliction.

scared of planets and the universe
by: Anonymous

ohmigod I feel the same things. we are learning about space at school,in science and we were watching the universe and planets with some program called Celestia and it was OK It was the whole class. I am really interested in the universe and planets and I downloaded that program and when I saw the planets- so empty,lonely,scary and that bright contrast -black and white and was just sooo scary. I was afraid of it. I know that it probably sounds stupid but I was so scared that I started to cry. It has never happened to me before and I was surprised because I don't have any phobias. The cry was something that I could not control. That's why I decided to check a phobia about being afraid of planets. I thought I am the only one with that phobia because I have never heard it before.

Same feeling
by: Anonymous

Ever since I was little and one day saw a full moon it totally freaked me out, so till this day I hate to really look at the moon..I even tried looking in a telescope once and I was so scared that I could not do it...I thought I was alone....and it goes with all planets.

Similar phobia
by: Anonymous

I know exactly what you mean. I have very similar reactions. I can never bring myself to go through the exhibition of the Planetarium of my university. Perhaps its the contrast of black with a bright color. I have this sensation when I look at certain 3-D computer images or if I look at the eye of an owl/eagle. How to dark televisions affect you guys?

P.S.-I'm also fearful of deep water and high ceilings.

by: Chrystal Raie

Omg thankyou! I am terrified of large amounts of water. When I go near it it makes me feel sick and i have a panic attack. Oceans, Rivers, Lakes, Ponds. I think it's cause of drowning

me too
by: Anonymous

im also afraid of planets well anything to do with space really freaks me out feels like my heart wants to stop beating.

not the only one
by: Anonymous

I thought I was the only one who thought planets are frightening. I'm glad I'm not the only one. Even the moon when it's full that's set close to the horizon makes me want to pass out.

Fear of planets
by: Simon Mills

I did a google search on this subject because I have similar feelings about looking at the heavenly bodies!

I don't know what it is called, but I think I understand why. When I look at Jupiter for instance, I feel like it is such a desolate and bizarre place. I Don't even like the concept of the sun. Such a monstrous thing! I think it is the scale of these things that are freaky. When I look at footage of planets taken by probes, I get a very desolate feeling. It feels lonely out there. I think maybe it is the knowledge that these things exist beyond our world that makes us feel alone and small. Hope that helped in any way!

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