Fear of planet earth floating away from us

Hi all,
I think about and obsess about this on a constant basis. I think about how the ground below us is not this reliable solid thing. It actually has a core, a center, but is a ball that is floating in space. When I think about it for too long I get this sensation that I am floating, that we ALL are floating, and that nothing is safe. The ground isn't safe, it isn't reliable because we are not protected by being on the ground. We are actually on this fragile blue ball in space that could be knocked out of orbit at any time by anything. Who knows whats going on in space? Can we predict? What if gravity just stops working one day? There would be nowhere to go and nowhere to run....

What drives me insane is that I feel nowhere is safe, but I really want to travel a lot. I also feel like I sound like a crazy insane person who should be locked away. I am jealous of all the people in my life who don't have these thoughts. I want to be more like them. I sit really close to people on buses and trains because if I feel alone or removed from humans and for some reason being close to someone makes me feel like I am not floating and that we are going to be OK.

I need help so bad because this constant fear is ruining my life. Does anyone have this fear of planet earth floating away from us , or have good perspective on this? I want to be normal again. I want to not think about this 24/7. I want to have the brain I had when I was 14.

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