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i thought i was crazy
by: Anonymous

I thought i was crazy i got scared of pinecones when i was 10 me and my mom were driving and then a pinecone fell and satterd the windshield at first i thought it was a bullet then we stoped i was so scared i never wanted to see another pinecone after im just happy im not the only one

Because of bugs
by: Anonymous

My fear of pinecone started the exact same way that one of the people previously commented: I was about 6 and picked up a huge pinecone but bugs came out and ran all over me! Have been petrified ever since! I can't even look at pictures of them without feeling sick!

I'm so glad I'm not alone
by: Jazzy

People always try to scare me and throw them at me for jokes, I have them all over my yard and they scare me so bad. Even scented ones, ever since I was 5. My brother threw one at me and I cried so hard he got grounded. So I didn't go outside for a while

Im not alone!!
by: Anonymous

My phobia started when I was 7 when i was sitting under a pinecone tree and one fell on my head and knocked me out!! it was before a soccer game and I couldn't play because my head was throbbing! im 16 now and ever since that happened I've been terrified of them and the fact that they could fall on my at any time! so glad im not the only one!!

My life sucks

Everybody tells me I look like a Pine cone and ever since then I have been afraid. I can not even look at a pine cone much less think about myself anymore. I might end it all one day soon for the fact that I resemble that of a pine cone.

Fear of Pinecones!
by: Kylie

I've been afraid of pine-cones ever since I was little! Every-time my friends would pick then up,I'd get ready to run or get into panic mode.The thing that really sucks it that I have a Pine cone tree in my backyard.That's why I never go back there anymore.

Still have it
by: Anonymous

Wow, and I thought I was the only one. My fear started when I was only 4 years old and it happened at a cemetery. I am 25 and still have the fear. I switch paths if I know there's a pine tree with pine cones on it. The short stubby ones I can handle right now, but it's those long dark ones that still creep me out. I still get the shakes from them even when I cross the street just because I think some of them rolled over to the other side.

This is a thing?!?!?!
by: Elliot Applebaum

Oh my god!!!! Me too!!!! I legit don't know why I'm afraid and I thought I was the only one!!!! I have been taunted so much because all of my friends know and throw them and put them up to my body and I legit go into panic attacks. I have such a fear of getting hit by them and I really hate that I cannot go to Yosemite because of the fear. We've tried therapy 3x and it hasn't work and now I'm 16 and i have to consider colleges and places to move to that don't have a lot pine. But thank god there is this page so I don't feel alone!

PineCone Fear
by: Anonymous

Wow, I didn't realize so many people had a fear of pine cones! My son has been petrified of them as long as I can remember! He is only 2 now and yesterday he finally touched one of the small ones after a long period of trying to desensitize him. We put them on sticks so he could hold the sticks and then one fell off and he picked it up and then started to pick them up off the ground and hold many in his hands, then soon after dropped them all and started clearing the area he was in by throwing them away from himself. Tried to show him that pinecones were ok and that they were alright to touch and they wouldn't hurt him. I thought maybe he believes they are a creature of some sort. He still would not even get close to the big pinecones. He likes to point at them and when he sees them he gets excited but when anyone tries to get him to go close to them or touch them he cringes. Today as we were walking on our property he accidentally stepped on one and ran away screaming and then threw his hands up in disgust while making sickening gagging noises and pointing at it. As we walked away from it he continued to say buh-bye to it and turning around to look at where it was. He isn't speaking so I have no clue why he is so scared of them, but I am very curious to find out why and see if this fear will continue.

by: IceSkateGurl2003

From when I was like, 4, I thought things with more than a few holes in them and closed pinecones were ugly, creepy, and gross! Ugh. I'm glad I'm not alone out there in the big, big world. I'm seventeen, and I've been afraid of them since I was 4 years old.

by: Anonymous

i have been afraid of pinecones since I was four and I honestly can't remember why! When I was little I never wanted to tell anyone but now most of my friends know and so does my family!
When I see one, I automatically start to feel sick and scared. I can walk past one ok, but if someone were to pick it up and hold it out or I were to step on it I would scream loudly and run away. I will go out of my way to avoid touching them when walking or around the holidays. They are ugly and gross and scare me worse than anything in the world! I'm glad I'm not the only one with this oddity! I mean, I can still live my life pretty normally but I'm glad im not alone.

Since i Was A Kid
by: Keion From Michigan

I've always thought that I was weird for being the only one with this fear..that iv been scared of since I was 3 I'm now 17 And I can tolerate the Small wide ones..but the big long ones will kill me lol... my family used to chase me around with them I don't know how this phobia started 😣😣

Not good!
by: Anonymous_BC

My 4yr old son has been terrified of pine cones since he was at least 2yrs old; I am not sure whether there was some kind of trigger for this. When I take him out on his bike, he insists on riding a different route if we see any on the ground. At a picnic in the park, he refused to step foot on the grass because there were pine cones littered around. Last week we took hiim to see a Christmas tree display and he had a meltdown after realising that they have pine cones on them. The only comfort I get from reading the comments here is that he is not alone. The bad thing is that it seems to affect people well in to adult life. (Oh, and I did use them to frighten him when he was being naughty, but have stopped that now since realising that he has a genuine phobia).

This is an actual thing!?
by: Ree

Just like a lot of people here, I thought I was just weird for being afraid of pine cones. I do not know why, but for as long as I can remember I have been freaked out by those things. I'm 21 now and over the years I have learned to be okay-ish with them OUTSIDE. But indoors I can't deal. They make me jittery and beyond uncomfortable. A little sick to my stomach too. And if I'm around them for too long, or even THINK about them too much, I start to itch like I'm gonna break out in hives. My friends don't know how bad it is so they like to tease me and come Christmas time I'm constantly doing the 360, scanning to make sure none are anywhere near me. I have to sanitize everything if one has been in the room. I can't touch them or look at them or even know one has been around and I really don't care about being comfortable with them. I'm fine with hating them, but I am glad to know it's not just me!

My Sister Has A Terrible Fear That She Can Never Forget
by: fears

my sister has a fear of pinecones and my brother and i have a hobby of using pinecones to scare her! ever since she's gotten this fear she has been acting too over protective for herself, she got this fear because i once told her that pinecones open and close, and she got scared of that...i am still trying to find a way to make her forget that fear...i have tried many things though (and by many i mean just keep bothering her using pinecones to see if she would get over it)

by: Tori landers

I have this horrible fear of pinecones. Don't know when it started but I have had it for the longest time. My family and my friends that know about this think I'm crazy and it is not normal to have this fear but it so comforting to know that I am not the only one. My yard is surrounded by them and my family even uses them for decorations and one Christmas my grandma bought a whole bag of them. It was horrible. I am so glad that there are other people that have the same fear and not considered some weirdo!!! My family think I will grow out of it since I am 16 but I have a feeling that I will be dealing with those little pointy demons for a long time.

Thank God
by: somerandombostonian

When I tell other people that I'm afraid of Pine Cones, they laugh at me. Like, everyone. My family, friends, everyone. I can look at them far away, but too close and I get this jittery feeling. If I have to pick one up or step on one, well...survival instinct. Dunno how this happened, but thank God I'm not the only guy out there. Besides that, I'm pretty normal-got a job and stuff. So that's proof that one can live with it :D

I hate closed ones
by: Anonymous

I've been afraid of them as long as I can remember. The open ones don't bother me but the closed ones scare the crap out of me. I'm not afraid of anything else either, just closed pinecones. I think it all goes back to when I was a kid at this daycare and we used to have pinecone fights and someone hit me with a closed one. I especially hated it after hurricanes or rainstorms when they fell to the ground. I'm glad I am not the only one that is scared of those damn things.

I really really hate pine cones....
by: J.R.

I'm so glad that I'm not the only one with this "hate" or "fear" of pine cones! I mean, I live in a state filled with pine trees, but I really don't like them. I honestly don't remember when and how this phobia happened, but it's real.. Ugh, I could never tell anyone why I'm like this. I know it may seems weird, but I really don't want to smell them, look at them, or touch them... at all. I hold in my breath whenever I have to walk past by them. *Sigh.... Oh yeah I'm in my mid-20's too. I won't ever like pine cones but I guess I can try to tolerate them. Eh...

4 years old
by: Anonymous

I remember when i was 4 and i picked up one and it had sap on it but i thought it was alive and bite me . But it just stuck to me. I now there not alive but i have a mental block on them so i just hate them

pinecone phobia
by: Anonymous

i have this strange phobia, and am currently having cognative behavioural therapy under a psychiatrist. this is a good idea if u want to make your life bearable when pinecones r about. i am 37 now and have found out that there r many instances in life when they unexpectedly there. the therapy works on the basic idea that if u r constantly exposed to the thing u r afraid of, your bodies natural chemistry will kick in and u will no longer be afraid. this does work but it takes take. i dont like the look of pinecones but i made my husband put one on the tv and i used to b scared when i saw it suddenly but the one day i saw it and i didnt feel scared so i know the therapy is working. however i am still scared of big pinecones a lot more than small ones and know that even though i will in the future be able to tolerate them, i will never like them. fellow baby in pushchair, hope this helps.

by: Anonymous

well I used to know someone like this never understood it. the fear seems to be associated with some sort of traumatic experience

I'm not alone
by: Anonymous

I'm clueless on why I'm afraid of them. I wish they hadn't existed. I just got back from a canoeing trip in the adirondacks and one of the campsites had a shitload of them. I was so afraid I didn't set up my tent. I've never told a lot of people about my fear. I'm afraid they'll fuck with me with them like chasing me around with them. Only my mom, grandma, and a couple friends know.

pinecones all over my desk!
by: Anonymous

I went through life ignoring pinecones, now i'm terrified of them. i went on vacation and my co-workers thought it would be funny if they covered my whole desk with pinecones. they were everywhere, on my keyboard, monitor, mouse, shelves, even in the hole of a decorative butt. i tried to clean them all and had to touch them to move them but as much as a i clean i still find little remains of pinecone crumbs help! i keep hearing about the dangers of pinecones. the deadly pinecone oils, the bugs that live inside them, and especially how they can kill you if they fall from a tree on your head. i don't know how i'll go out in the wild again. i know i will have nightmares of pinecones forever. :(

ew, Pinecones!
by: Kayla

Ever since I was about 5 or 6, I picked up a pinecone, and a million little bugs crawled out of the pinecone and onto my arm. Since then I have never touched, stepped on a pinecone again. Thank God Im not alone!

by: Jessica

im 17 and ive got this phobia for 15 years already. i cant get over it and im not trying to. i dont remember how it started but they are freaking me out. they look disgusting and if i accidentally step on them i scream and freak out. my parents thought im the only one with this phobia. thank god im not alone. my friends dont know about this and im not gonna tell them. i dont want them to scare me with those ugly things. i hate christmas trees because of them.

its caled orbicuspinophobia.
duuh i hate them so much.

by: Abnix

Pinecones creep me out. There's just so ugly looking, *shudder* I tried to look at pictures of them on the internet and i try to look at the on the sidewalk but dammit they make me want to gag. I hate them so much! They just creep me out!

And me
by: Anonymous

Im a 31 year old male, pretty much unphased by anything EXCEPT pinecones. Especially a bag full of them. I feel slightly sick and a bit panicky on sight of them.

I thought I was the only one who had it too!

by: Crystal M.

I, too, have a strong fear for pine cones. In fact, I've been terrified of pine cones all my life! It all started when I was around four or five. I was walking around in the yard barefooted and happened to step on a green one! It was a painfully horrible experience! And boy are they hideous! To this day, I'd do whatever it takes to avoid pine cones--even if it is a fake one! It's gotten so bad that when I was at my aunt's get-together, I really had to pee. So, I went to her bathroom, and what do I see? A rack of HUGE Georgia pine cones right above the toilet~! I ran out of the bathroom without using it. I decided to hold it even though it would be the start of my bladder/kidney problems. It wasn't until 3 or 4 hours later that I finally went to the public restroom in a service station. In a nutshell, I'd rather make unnecessary sacrifices to avoid any kind of contact with any kind of conifer...But I want to eradicate this silly, yet harmful phobia of mine...Unfortunately, I'm not really and willing enough to do it yet and I'm almost 20..-_-

me too ?
by: Anonymous

My dad threw one at my eye when i was six and nearly blinded me so i am now completley scared of them and i hate them there just horrible my friend has them in his house and omg he has to move them :)

Living with conephobia
by: Anonymous

What a relief. I am not the only "freak"! I am almost 30 and have had this phobia since I was about 3-4. I used to be afraid to go to the forest, now I can look at them and touch some of them. I am not going to try to overcome the fear,just want to keep it constrained. They are really ugly. To me they are really sinister looking, especially when you look at them from the side. The long ones are less scary for me than the rounded ones. You will never find them in my home for Christmas or any other occasion.

Not alone
by: Anonymous

I had this same fear as a child. It started when I was very young, maybe 2 or 3. I used to think they were porcupines or some other kind of dangerous animal. My mom would put them in drawers, cabinets, any place she didn't want me to go. I would open up cupboards and see one, scream, and go running. I don't really recall when it happened, but I got over it one day. I'm in my mid 20s now and have no real problems with irrational fears.

by: emma marshall

wow,im amazed that there are so many others out there with this phobia! i tried looking at picture on line,but it doesnt help,ive since heard that there are pine cones that are 3 feet long and weigh about the same weight as me,arrrrrrrrgggh!

fear of pine cones
by: david

i couldnt find any real name for it. my 3 year old son has been the same way most of you stated about your younger children at the parks and stuff. i thought it was real because i guess its possible to have a phobia of pretty much anything. but its weird to see so many people out there actually have this phobia but i cant find a real name for it. if you happen to stumble on a real name for it hook me up with the site so i can check it out... davidpenwell at thanks so much

Fear of pine cones
by: Anonymous

I have a 30-year-old autistic brother who is terrified of pine cones. Anytime a pinecone is brought near him, he will run and scream as though someone was trying to kill him.

by: Anonymous

i thought i was a complete freak for having this gut wrenching fear of pinecones, but knew that out there people have fears of buttons and stickers so i thought i'd check the internet! it's sooo weird! i was fine with them whilst growing up, it didn't start until about 3 years ago when my friend had a HUGE one in her bedroom and it just gave me chills and a constricted chest, i told her it freaked me out and she threw it at me djgasdkjgadjgs so i screamed bloody murder and i just can't even look at one they scare me so much. there's a tree full of them on the road i have to walk to work on and i run past it every time thinking one could fall any minute..i don't know what it is exactly i don't like about them i just know i don't. urrrrgh.

my phobia
by: Anonymous

I've had a fear of pine cones all my life and I thought I was the only one in the world with this fear! :) Every time in science class or anything like that that envolves pine cones I always tell the teacher I'm allergic to them or go in the bathroom the whole period. when ever I get in big trouble my mom always tortures me with them, waves it around in my face and throws them at me. Afterwards before I got to bed, I vacum my room out because there's always pine cone scales on the floor from my mom throwing them at me. My mom was suprised to find out that I'm not the only one in the world with this fear.

Total Freak Out!
by: J.T.

I know this little girl who has a fear of pine cones. So, to show her they were alright, I took one from my backyard to show it to her. She saw it and immediately burst into tears, started screaming and she was shaking severely. She says she doesn't like them because they are brown and they make a sound when someone crushes them in her hand or steps on them. She also says they talk to her.
Any idea's on what to do?

Childhood Traumas
by: Anonymous

It would seem that most of you who fear pinecones do so due to a childhood "trauma." Your fear could probably be easily be corrected with the help of a psyciactric specialist. A google search could give you a good start as for whom to look for, who's bad or good, or otherwise.

The "Green One"
by: C. Moore

I am so relieved that there are others out there with the same problem. My first encounter with a pine cone was when I was about three. I was outside watching my uncle wash his car-it was a warm summer afternoon and I was barefooted! I messed around and stepped on a green one! Boy, it was terribly painful. I used to think the red needles on a green pine cone were bloody teeth. The brown ones are just as scary! My folks would scare me into thinking that pine cones will bite me. To this day, pine cones are scarier than death.

by: Anonymous

I have this fear too and I have done since I was about 4. I got confused between pine cones and pangolins and thought that pine codes could move.

Not the only one!
by: Anonymous

oh wow! I thought I was the only one in the world with this wacky phobia! Mine started when I was about 4 yrs old, not sure exactly why, but I remember my mom´s friend picking up a whole bunch and putting them up to my face and ever since I´ve hated them even more! I also hate the feeling of being ´on guard´ whenever going to the mountains with friends, Christmas time, the ´jokes´ that siblings play with them, etc. I´m now in my 20s and still affected by this. How can it come to an end?!?!

How do you react?
by: Anonymous

Me too!!!!!

They're evil and serve no purpose on this earth. Because of this they should be made extinct as all they do is scare people and cause misery.

I can't even look at a picture of one in a magazine. I fling it accross the room with a scream and wash my hands until it feels better as my hand was close to touching it, even though its just pixels.

Spring time and Christmas are tough as you know. At Christmas time I wont go into a shop when they're hanging on the ceiling as there is a chance one could fall on me. Or if there's a tree, someone could knock me into it or one could fall on me.

I wonder how many of us there are out there?

I want to know if you guys react as I do when you see one, have had nightmares about it and what happened when one touched you last?

so glad
by: emma marshall

hi there everyone,am i glad to discover that i am not the only one,and one of a few people with this bizarre phobia.
mine started when i was about 7yrs old when i was collecting items for a nature table at school,and found a pine cone and decided to look after it before getting it into school by putting it into a glass of water,as you would do with plants or when i went back to it later on,it had changed shaped and had become all distorted,and on top of this the water had magnified it.i screamed a lot,and have screamed several times since then. im 32 years old now and hate them and wouldnt have them near me,the thought of them brushing against my skin!! my friends think its funny and laugh at me,and one of them said 'is it because they look like grenades?' im sure you love me mentioning that,but as laughable as it sounds,i think they are freaky and ugly,why do people use them as decorations at christmas. my mum took them of our christmas tree at home for me.odd but true,my friends have said i must be the only person with this phobia,now im not alone

by: CMP1989

i also had the same fear growing up as a kid, but thats because they were thrown at me and the kids throwing them at me said they were snakes. and i was terrified of them til i was around 10.. but i talked to someone about it and they slowly but surely made me close my eyes and hold one and feel it and squish it. it really helped but i was TERRIFIED of them.. if someone told me there was a pinecone in my room before bed i couldnt sleep all night and not alone at all.. but im 20 years old today and glad to have got over it. glad to hear i wasnt the only one!

by: Anonymous

I looked it up on wikipedia.
it's called "orbicuspinophobia".
not sure if that'll help any of you deal with though.

by: J

Wow, it is so comforting to know I'm not the only person who has this phobia!

3 yr old son has same fear
by: Anonymous

I looked this up cuz my three yr old son has the same fear of pine cones and i think its really odd. Its kind of good to know that hes not the only one.

It started when he was about one yrs old and i took him to the park. There was a pine cone on the little play bridge and he was scared to go across because of it. I picked it up to show him it was ok and he freaked.

Since then he will not go near them, he screams and runs if you pick one up to bring to him. So i wanted to see if there was a term for this fear and found out that you guys have the same fear. Any solutions for me and my son???

by: Myself

I have the same phobia! I just freak out when I see them! What to do?

Me too!
by: Anonymous

I thought I was the only person in the world with this odd phobia! I'm sure it happened cause I saw a whole heap of them blow towards me when I was a baby in a pushchair (along with my twin who also has the phobia). I suppose I thought they were "coming to get me!". My mum told me she picked one up to show us and we yelled our heads off - the phobia has been with us ever since!

same fear
by: Anonymous

I have the same fear and am glad I am not alone with it.

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