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I thought no one else was afraid of those "things"
by: Anonymous

im terrified of them! there hudge and they can like fall on you! i told my friend and she told the WHOLE class including the teacher that " had a desiase were she cant stop looking at pine trees and some1 has to poke her to wake her up" WHICH IS NOT TRUE I HAVE A PHOIA AND I TOLD YOU TO NOT TELL im never trusing her again anyways your not alone :) and the worst part is there's a HUDGE pine tree at my shool that im like staring at and people are looking at me like in crazy! + there's a HUDGE pine tree forest at the back of my school :( O.o

I'm not the only one!!
by: Shannon

When I found this site I almost cried. I have had a fear of pine trees (especially evergreens in which the foliage reaches all the way to the ground and no trunk is visible and any area where I am standing in an open space and the tree line is visible). I have had this fear since I was 3 when I was asked to be a They asked me to stand by this pine tree they had for decoration and I just freaked out. I probably ruined my aunt's wedding but luckily she's never blamed me for it. I am 27 now and I had never told anyone until I met my husband. Even though at first i think he thought I was joking, he has become my biggest supporter. I have always had a wide variety of irrational fears including balloons, bridges, dark water, open spaces, and anything that could be infinite (such as said open spaces, space, or things I'm just afraid will go on forever). Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart for putting this site up. I am so happy to know I'm not alone, although I hope we can all one day over come it. Bless you all!

Me too
by: Anonymous

I haven't been able to find anything on the cause of being scared of pine trees. When close to one I start to sweat, my heart rate goes nuts and I have an urge to run far away. I seem to count them and know how many I have to walk by and how to avoid them. Now that I'm 24 I've learned that the idea of how old they can be and how large the root system is freaks me out as well. I have gotten to the point where I can go camping only in certain areas where the trees don't touch the ground so I can avoid looking up or directly at the pine trees. Even with this progress once I'm in a park and see a pine tree with is huge branches sweeping the ground and I cannot see through the branches I freak out. I never knew there were others that felt this way.

pine tree phobia
by: Anonymous

hi im also skared ov pine trees i dnt no y i am but cnt seem to get over it i have never told eny 1 so glad im not the only 1 that is eny ideas how to get over it will be nice

Tree Phobia
by: Anonymous

You're not alone. I am afraid of this one pine tree called the Norway Spruce. I find them very unnerving from their size and the hanging needles. It looks like a monster to me. I was very young when I had this phobia. I am now 24. There was a point where I'd gotten over my fear, but I relapsed.

Also afraid of pine trees.
by: Melanie

I didnt actually think there was anyone else that had this fear of pine trees. I am 44 and have had this fear all my life. I look out for them when I am walking somwhere new because to suddenly find myself near one unexpectedly is terrifiying, my heat races and I feel out of controle. When I am with someone else it is easier how ever I need to hold onto them beceuse the fear of being left alone with a pine tree let alone more than one is to much.

What to do
by: Anonymous

My 8 year old son also has an extreme fear of anything pine. Pine trees, pine cones and most of all pine needles. He has had this phobia since he was a toddler. We don't know what caused it.(was never lost in the woods or anything like that.) He will not even pick up a stick without first asking me if its pine. I am afraid as he gets older and children find out he will have a really hard time, kids can be really cruel. If anyone has any suggestions on what to do I would love to hear from you. Thanks for letting me vent, at least he is not alone in this.

Fear of pine trees - me too!
by: Anonymous

I thought I was the only one with this kind of fear. I am afraid of hemlocks (the evergreen, not the poisonous plant) and have been since I was a toddler. I am 40 now and still am deathly afraid at the sight or mere thought of being near one. I always look carefully where I am walking since they are so common as an ornamental tree or shrub. Other evergreens and pines don't affect me the same way.

Pine tree phobia
by: Rohan

Yes! Believe me or not seriously! Even i also have have phobia of pine trees b'cos of their tall height the needle shaped leaves i really don't know why but sometimes i do get nightmares were i am all alone walking in a forest of darkness fog with full pine trees near me.Its not only about pine tree but also about spruce trees and the trees that grow in cold mountanious regions.

Pine Tree Phobia
by: Rebecca

I would like to know why you have this phobia of this certain kind of tree? A friend last night asked me to do some research of pine tree phobia, as her 12 year old has this fear and she has no idea why. She asked me to check because she has no internet. Thats the first time I had heard of this and would like to be more educated on it. I understand every persons circumstances are different. Just asking around and would like to hear some ideas!

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