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You are not Alone
by: Marie Sybille

I have been afraid of pigeons since I was a little girl. One time my mother tried to take the bus at the station and there was a crowd of them. My poor mother said she had to do everything to make sure I didn't run into the street with cars and other buses. Going on trips to the city to see plays and sights was such a nightmare growing up. My parents particularly my father was so upset and mean to me about. He'd yell and say how I embarrased him because I would definitely burst into tears and scream when I saw them. My family all tried to talk sense into me but it never worked. When I got older my mother use to say that when I walk on the street and I see one my daughters will hold my hands. And that's what ended happening one time my 15 kept telling me stop looking at it and my 9 year old was holding my hand. As I got older my father became more understanding due to the fact he was leaving work one day and his co worker saw a pack flying away and held on to him apologizing saying she's scared of birds. He was so shocked and said that I was scared of them. Being Haitian pigeon is also a creole word for penis my mother would always tease me and say I was scared of the wrong one that one can't harm me. Lol

by: Martina

As far as I remember, I have Always been afraid. I live in Venice, so it is not easy at all. I can handle just a couple of them if they are more than 10 metres away. But if they come closer or if they are more I completely panick. I go away.
It is awful, I can't stay in parks and simply lay or have a picknic. I live in Venice and I am not able to cross S.Mark Square without someone guiding me while I keep my eyes closed. I can't eat or drink in the outdoors of a bar or a restuarant.
This fear will never go away. There is no reason, I have never been attacked or suffered a bad experience with pidgeons. They terrify me. Period. I know they are harmless and they flew away if you make them, people make fun of me, my own parents didn't even believe me unil I was an adult!

Grey encounters
by: Kiki

I just had a dream about walking past stores on a roadside and suddenly pigeons were walking on the pillars, first one then a few and I tried to get away.Then I passed someone I knew and they were sitting in a car and cutting the pigeons head of with a scissor.He then asked me if I know what is going to happen.I said yes and that it will grow another head.and sure enough it did and flew straight into me.these dreams affect me every few months.I always wake up screaming.I don't know why I'm terrified.I'm 29 now and I also exhibit similar behavior in public such as clinging on tightly to the person I'm with should a bird or pigeon be around.I once unintentionally scratched a friend's skin out and I never realised I did that.I actually made my friend bleed.that's how tightly I held onto his arm.I just feel like they want to get closer to me and if I see one I will find another route to get to my destination or just look for a way out.but the dreams always plague me every few months.

I'm afraid of PIGOENS
by: Anonymous

Hello I am Rosie I am 12 years old
I have a fear of PIGEONS and it has
got to the extreme when my friends are pretending that birds are pooeing on me when they are actually squirting me with squash and my face got all sticky as if something has pooed on me

I am terrified
by: Anonymous

I'm so terrified of birds it's killing me. Pigeon is absolutely the worst one out of any birds. I can't even look at cartoon pigeons because they are so disgusting. The color combination of their bodies and the gross neck just GaHHHHhHhHh! I hate them so so so so much. My friends think it's hillarious and I guess this is a weird phobia, but I really want to overcome it because I have done some ridiculous things. I have fallen multiple times when they flew towards me and I had to take alternative routes just to avoid them. My friends always ask me would I rather be in a room with one pigeon or a whole room of bugs and snakes, and Man.... I would choose the room full of rats and cocaroches any day over damn pigeons. I'm even grossed out but just looking at the word pigeon!

bloody pigeons
by: Anonymous

Guys im 20years of age and i have the same problem with pigeons! Everytime i see a pigeon on my way i stand like a retarded pretending im texting in order the pigeon to move away!its terrible because you dont wanna seem an idiot in public.

Very scared and very embarrassed
by: Ksenia

I have always been scared of pigeons so much but I try not to lose control because it makes me look like an idiot. My family makes fun of me so I'm too emabarrased to show my friends at school that I'm scared of pigeons. And now I am very happy to live in the country side because there are no pigeons and when we have to go to the city I try to persuade my parents to take my dog with me because he scares pigeons away but still pigeons ruin my life. I can't go to public places and my parents think that I'm uneducated because I don't want to go to museums but the only reason is that I'm too scared of pigeons to go anywhere in the city due to the fear of encountering pigeons.

I hate them
by: Anonymous

When I was 11 I was sat in a bus shelter and a pigeon came it was trying to get out by going back a fourth in the shelter (it was made of clear plastic btw) just crashing its head into it . first for bout a year wasnt really scared I just hated them so ugly and the way they walk and fly but in the last 6 months ive been terrified every time I see one fly I grab on to my friends or brother or mum as hard as I can and duck down as low as possible ive had a panic attack when I big flock of tnem came flying over me. Im 13 now and it really embarrassing escially seeing little kids run up to them and things . I hate them so much

Birds phobia
by: Jomji

I am Thai, living in Thailand and I'm birds phobia every kind of bird chicken duck. it's look like i am a freak as in my country
Nobody look like me

pigeons in hostel
by: Anonymous

Hi, I have recently shifted to a new hostel and there are loads of pigeons roaming around all the time. I have been afraid of these pigeons even since i could not even pronounce "pigeon". I just hare them and now i have to live with them all the time. They sometimes fly over and sit on the edges of the bathrooms...even when we are bathing....i t is a horrible time for me...i have to face them every day and i freak out whenever i see them. I start shivering and i don't go to the washroom alone. My friends are surprised at my behaviour. Please help!

by: Lavanya

I am so happy I found more people having the same trouble as me. Pigeons are absolutely ugly and even when I see a picture of them I am petrified. I scream out loud at their sight. I'm 20 and still can't get over my phobia. What I've heard is consulting a psychiatrist may help.

I hate them too
by: Anonymous

I have hated pigeons for as long as I can remember. However, over the past year it has hit me really bad. I am only 12 and am struggling to cope with my fear. Unfortunately, my school has sooooo many pigeons. One day I walked into the school toilets and a pigeon was in there ( our toilets are outside) I screamed and ran out. I was so embarrassed and frightened that after it was gone I just locked myself in the cubicle and tried to calm down. The strange thing is that I don't know why I'm scared of them so badly and I don't know the cause of my fear.

Me too
by: Anonymous

I am so glad it isn't just me that has this fear, someone told me recently that phobias are linked to something , we just need to find out what, my fear of pigeons stops me from going to the shopping centre where I know they will be there, I cry in public, I grab my kids to hide behind, and my heart beats so fast , I cant even walk past a picture of one. I have had enough of the fear .

by: barbara

im 57 years old and im scared of pigeons i hate the word and i can not control the panic i get when i see them thay have spoilt may holidays for me i break out in cold sweats dont now what im doing when there around i have run in all directions when there commining towards me i feel so silly at times but its uncontrolable sometimes i have run in to the road i dont allways remember what i am doing pleases is there anyone out there who can help

Some relief
by: Anonymous

I used to think that i am d nly one having this kind of does sound stupid to normal it is a serious problem...I am relievd to know that i am nt alone suffering from this problem.... even if I see a pigeon at some distance, i take some other way....i really want to get over this..!!

Just plain scared
by: Anonymous

I've been scared of pigeons for as long as I've been living and I hate going out just having the fear that I might run into a pigeon or it might try to attack me. Every time I'm around them my heart pounds and I can't help myself. My friends and family don't take me seriously and they laugh at me it really hurts but I try to ignore it. They are disgusting too I just hate them. And I don't know how to get over my fear.

i hate that creature too
by: Anonymous

i just hate them and i get afraid when they continuously stare at me.. its color is disgusting.they wake me up at night like a night mare and scares me when they make noise with their wings by knocking on the window or door glasses .. but i can handle my fear by flying them away throing any thing at them .. try it will work

stupid birds -.-
by: Anonymous

Hi people. I totally understand all of you,because I afraid of this creatures my whole life,and its getting worse with years(i am 21 now) when I saw them I cant move,my heart beat like 1000 times in a minute,I cant get near them and when I am in town I usually ask someone if its ok to grab their hand or just ask someone to go first or make that birds go away. One time I almost had a panic atack when I saw that bird inside the shopping mall! I dont know what to do.if anyone have some solution please help.

A Pigeon Flew Into My Bedroom
by: Anonymous

and sat on me. why don't they do that on the street but do it inside? i hate them. i got over my fear about a year after that. now when i see one on the street, i scare them off because they suck and i be like yo homie flew in my bedroom!

by: anne

I am glad to see that i'm not alone in my fear of pigeons. i absolutely hate pigeons. they're ugly, and it's a hard thing if you have a fear because whenever my family and i eat at outside places, i often become wary because of the pigeons around. i have never been attacked by one but i try my best to avoid any contact with a pigeon. i can't even cross the street knowing that there is a pigeon across from me. so i wait like a loser until the pigeon moves. and it's not just pigeons, it's all types of birds! i hate them but i'm glad to see that i'm not alone. i hope to overcome this fear and live like a normal person (i'm 12 btw)

i suppose i have the biggest phobia of pigeons anybody can ever have.
by: massakalli

its really embarrassing when suddenly i walk down the streets with my friends or family and suddenly i run away (as if i saw a ghost) because i realize there is a pigeon flying above. sometimes i feel like WHY ME ? when all my friends live their life peacefully without any phobia. and i have to suffer each moment with pigeon phobia. i am 19, and i sometimes wonder how i will stay all my life with this irrational fear :( because pigeons are everywhere. infact sometimes i dont even go out of my house if there are pigeons sitting downstairs in my building. GOD HELP ME ! SOMEBODY HELP ME! I FEAR I SOMEDAY MIGHT GET MENTAL...WHY ME ? WHY ME ? its only that person can understand who actually goes through that phobia, for others its funny. I LITERALLY SHIVER WHEN A PIGEON CONFRONTS ME, INFACT ONCE WHEN A PIgEON ENTERED FROM MY WINDOW..I FAINTED OFF..somebody help me..i suppose i have the biggest phobia of pigeons anybody can ever have. HELP ME ! HELP ME!

my fear of pigeons (and other birds)
by: alice

Hi I am 14 years old and I have always had fear of birds it all started in 2nd grade when my teacher brought her disgusting bird in class. Everyone was playing and laughing with the bird and i was in a corner paniking and almost even crying ive always been scared of birds but then i started getting scared of pigeons they come close to me and stare at me with red eyes and then fly away sddenly im so scared i even yell in public and run away from them and push others. I WANT ALL OF THEM TO DIE.I NEED HELP.

There is hope!
by: Anonymous

Just like all of you i use to have a severe fear of pigeons. It got to the point where it was a danger to my health because i would stop breathing and scream and cry and panic. I saw a therapist and she suggested i go se a E.M.D.R. And brain spotting specialist. I did and they used a technique tht made me Aware that they cant hurt me and not to fear them. It worked and i mut admit i still do not love pigeons, but i can tolerate them. You should look into it

I am SO scared of pigeons thank god im not alone
by: Anonymous

Oh my god i am so scared pf pigeons it all started in 2nd grade when i was in class my teacher brought her bird at school and let it loose and it flew all over me i was so disgusted and the worst thing was that i was sitting next to the window the whole year and birds always flew in the window and made a huge BOOM eww i just hate pigeons the sound they make when they fly away suddenly so gross i need help!!!!! Everytime i see some i cry and yell and everyone looks at me....

I used to have the same problem!
by: Anonymous

I'm from new york and you know there a lot of pigeons there. I used to get so creep ed out of it i would cry made make a fool out of myself. When i was 11 years old i tried to cure my phobia until i had a great idea from a friend. She told me to stay a 2 feet away from a pigeon and stare at it. I did. She showed me pics of pigeons and anything that would creep me out. when i got use to it i just passed through pigeons like it was no biggie. Remember its the little things that count not the fancy thinga

severe pigeon phobia
by: Anonymous

Please is there any one who has got over this phobia and how? i have spent so much money trying everything and nothing works. I have tried emotional freedom technique, npl, cognitive behavioural therapy, exposure therapy, seeing a psychiatrist, hypnotism, art classes. Every time i see these professionals about this they run down the other approaches i have tried as though theirs is the only plausable one. they dont guarantee results but charge a fortune. in the end they blame me for not making the change! they think i should learn to control the panic attack symptoms when i see a pigeon but i dont have time to think anything- i feel like im in glue and have an overwhelming desire to run away/ feel faint and horrible. i have tried places which are supposed to be leaders in their fields such as the priory clinic and paul mckenna trained hypnotists on harly street. Has anyone ever tried anything that worked????? btw im 31 and its getting worse

Disgusting pigeons
by: Alexis

I also have a pigeon fear. I absolutely hate them. I used to think I was crazy and the only person in the world who had this phobia. I recently learned about phobias in my psychology class and I told my instructor about my fear; he told me phobias are easy to fix if I go to the proper psychologist. I am going to give it try because I hate being afraid of those disgusting creatures.

i m too afraid of pegions.....
by: Mallika

hi i am mallika ..n m very much afraid of pegions...........whenever i see a pegion i act like a fool n somtimes even start parents n friends don't understnd my fear n ask me to go near them as closer as possible to overcome it but this is not at all helping fear is increasing more more.....anyone please tell me what to do??????????????

Wish I wasn't
by: Alison

I've been scared of pigeons all my life. I have been known to grab complete strangers. My heart beats faster and I feel sick. I saw the ad with them flying about an office last year and also had to leave the room.... even pictures make me start to hyperventilate. My boss thinks it's funny and makes fun and puts pictures of pigeons in presentations - sure he thinks I'm making it up. I've tried to 'make' myself get over it - without success. I hate being this way.

by: jamiekid

i also have a terrible fear of pigeons i am 13 and it is so imbarrising once i was riding my bike in a narrow allyway and one was on the fence i got as low as i could and closed my eyes i ended up crashing and had to explain to my parents that it was because of a pigeon that my £1000 bike was ruined. another time there was one on a lampost and i was on my way to school and i just froze up, i got a detention for being late i tryed to explain to the teacher but he just laughed at me. my friends dont understand how scary it is for me.. it is not only pigeons but all big birds.

The way to get rid of your fear!
by: Anonymous

I've had this fear ever since i visited NYC when I was 9 and was attacked by pigeons on a ferry boat. I was eating a hot dog, and they swarmed around my feet and pecked at me. I started crying and ran into the bathroom where i stayed there until the boat docked. I remember my mom telling me to suck it up, but I was so shaken by this experience. The next 3 days were complete torture, and I cried continuously the whole trip. Gradually, my fear has been getting better as I grow older, but still when I see one, my heart starts racing, and I run to the nearest indoor place that I can find. My parents tell me that I'm acting completely ridiculous, and they tell me that I have to get over my phobia if I'm ever going to live a normal life. The thing is though, I'm terrified to go to new places and cities because I'm afraid that I'll have the same experience over again like i had in New York. So, I know what everyone of you are going through; I'm still not over my fear, but everytime I see one, I start praying and asking God to help it fly away or for me to be able to get out of the situation asap. If you read this, and you're thinking that God doesn't care about you and your fear, then you're wrong because He really does care about you! He made you specifically for a purpose, and that purpose it to glorify Him through Jesus. Now, I really wanna please God, and I've given Him my life, but in the Bible it says that God is not a God of fear, but a God of love. I know that God loves me, and doesn't inflict this painful fear on me. The devil is using this phobia in my life to not bring glory to God.

You are not alone!
by: Andre

I am equally afraid of pigeons.
and I hate it when some of my family members/ friends tease me about it.

I am really afraid of anth that has got to do with feather.. even the sight of them in prints would literally make me sick.

I hate it when these stupid birds arent afraid of ppl when you try to chase them away.annoying.
and those fat-dirty looking pigeons just makes me want to cry out loud when they come very close to me.

My mom always nag at me about being useless and everything. I feel so sad that no ones understand about how scared i am.
but now i feel very pleased to see that I m not alone.

a pigeon tried to attack me too
by: Aayushi

You are not alone. A pigeon tried to attack me too when i was a kid. It used to sweep down on me and try to attack me when I would go on the terrace. It was damn scary. I could nt explain it either. I am sorry that I dont have a solution because this happened at my grandma's house and I did nt visit her for at least 3 years after the incident. I hope something works out. See a vet maybe they' ll know.

try to concentrate on something else.
by: Anonymous

last summer it was hovering over me whilst I was out shopping my sister burst into laughter whilst I stood there in tears. It's horrible because you don't want to look stupid in public and you can't go to certain place because there might be pigeons. My family have organized a trip to the theatre in London but I dread it as there are so many pigeons there. People say ignore them but you can only do that if you put a blind fold on. I try to just hold someones hand and look at my ipod the whole time so even if they are there I can't see it. know it is hard and I have the biggest trouble owith it but try to think about other things like that building is a funny shape.

I really was attacked.
by: Anonymous

last Summer a pigeon actually did try and attack me. Not only that, after I closed the sliding glass door on my balcony, it continued to throw it's body against the glass. It stood at my door staring at my young daughter and I for HOURS. It would also flap and throw itself against the bedroom window. Returning for months to torment me. It was the ugliest pigeon ever. I can't find any online research that explains such behavior, and no one takes me seriously. Now a different pigeon couple has laid eggs on my balcony, on top of my stuff, and I have to move in a couple of days. I am too terrified to do anything about it... plus I don't know what to do.

They are so gross
by: Anonymous

You all are not alone. They gross me out so much I had to google Fear of Pigeons just to find others.
The fat, really nasty dirty looking ones are the worst, with the disheveled feathers. yuck!

does it last
by: Anonymous

i got scared when i was 10 years old and have been absolutly terrified ever since i don't know why because if there's one here where i live in Andorra then i just walk on by but still realy scared and when i go to visit family in liverpool it all comes back, i have always hoped i would just get over it because my family are strting to say they won't take me out because of it when i go shopping i'm clingging on to them. will this last forever? and will i be the same when i'm older?

the same
by: Anonymous

i'm 14 to and i'm terrified of pigeons to, i scream and cry when i see them and it is really getting out of control.

by: nay

i have the exact same fear i thought i was the only one .. i have dreams of pigeons flapping against me. i get chills at the sight of them.. i scream if they anywhere near me.. people think it is ridiculous they dont understand. i cant even think of a cure because that will mean having to face pigeons and it terrifies me

I also fear them
by: Lin

I am also 14 and i have had this phobia since i was a young child. Throughout the years it has been getting better, but i still cant the infested creatures (rats on wings). So you are not alone others also suffer from this including myself. Goodluck for whom ever has this phobia!

To Annie

Annie, i can clearly understand how u must have felt coz as i read ur comment, i could imagine how yucky it is, and talking about television adverts
Yes, if they show something like that, i said say ewww, help and i even begin to wonder, how on earth does the couple have the guts to sing or dance around pigeons, there are a lot of bollywood (indian films) where the actor actresses are carrying them in their hand, i watch it and i get goose bums

I hate them too
by: Benedict

I've been terrfied of pigeons for a very long time now, and I can't really explain why. I can't ever go into the city for fear of running into them - if I do I look like an idiot because I cross all over the street in order to avoid them. I have to stay inside the shopping mall. One time however, I managed to walk through a bunch of about 4 of them. I was on a school trip with a few people, and I was worried I would embarass myself in front of them with the whole pigeon thing. But it turned out my fear of embarassment was greater than the fear of pigeons. I walked straight through them (nearly fainted and I went dizzy) but I found that if I was in front of people I knew (eg at school) I found a way to conquer my fear. I'm still scared of them though.


Hi saria, i have also and always experienced similar problem
Its very very annoying when they are around u
I just hate the way, they flap their wings
So many times they have come and slapped me on my face....or brushed me flying an inch above my head
My heartbeat increases and i feel i cant even move, i turn completely blank and scared
I scream and shout for help in public and i see so many ppl just laughing at me

And as i type, i am getting goose bums

I want to add u as a friend, how do i get in touch with u for this

fear of pigeons
by: Annie

I'm also terrified of pigeons, if I come across a picture of them in a magazine I feel sick & just recently there's been an advert on tv with the disgusting creatures flying into an office, I have to leave the room when it comes on. I love to travel especially to cities in Europe, but cities are the places where they are most prevalent, the worst place I ever visited was Venice, it is so beautiful but the place is overun with the creatures, so my visit was ruined. It's the same with most cities, I have to be on my guard all the time & be very aware. My friends & family think it's crazy, but I have felt like this from being a little girl, apparently I was in my pushchair as a toddler being pushed through a park when several of them flew up at me & scared me. I find it difficult to even type the word!! Getting round my local town can be a nightmare, so I only shop in p----n free areas. Fortunately, I live in a rural area so not many of them about, unlike cities where there everywhere. I really sympathise with you all, it's a horrible phobia.

Same here
by: Lily

I suffer from the same problem as you two. Whenever I see them or one comes near me I get scared that it is going to attack me. All my friends and family take the mick out of me but I don't find it funny at all. I have been scared ever since when I was at lower school and there was an owl on a glove and we had to get out picture taken with it. Well when it was my turn i couldn't take my eyes off the owl and i thought it was going to poke me and bite me. I never saw the photo as the staff at the school said I was white as a ghost when i was holding it. So that has been my fear ever since.

yor not alone
by: Lauren

hi saria, im 18 and I dont remember being afraid of pigeons when i was very young, in fact i used to save the odd one that flew into a window..but now I am so terrified of them and i do not know why. they disgust me.they make me look like a fool when walking through town and make me completely tense and i also lose control not even realising that i am about to scream or jump away..

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