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by: Anonymous

Try and get over your fear by sitting at as many picnic tables as you can!!

It may work or it may not work

Fear of bobbing myself
by: Laura

Please help me im 23yrs old and cant go anywhere without wearing nappies, sometimes 2 or 3.I go to the toilet about 6 or 7 times a day just to make sure I dont bob myself in public.As you might realise this is very time consuming because I dont get off the toilet until something appears at the bottom of it, however big or small.Please help me to put a name to this fear and overcome it.My mum is going spare because of all the bog roll i am using.Help

Yours sincerely

bobby Jo.

Fear of picnic tables
by: Jan

Hi Aimee,

I can understand it's scary when you do have the feeling picnic tables are attacking you.

I hope you get rid of your fear of picnic tables (read the info on my site)so you can enjoy bbq while sitting on a picnic table.

All the best,

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