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by: Anonymous

I too have this irrational fear. I get the shivers just looking at pictures. I'm 17, by the way. I've been dealing with this for the last couple of years. I've been trying to find a name for it!

by: Anonymous

YES! ME TOO! Seriously, both my sister and I have this fear too! My friends find this hilarious, and put pictures of them everywhere to annoy me.

Fear of people with animal heads?
by: Anonymous

Theres this anime you should watch.. Kuroshitsuji. its like episode 2 or 3, but.. yeah.

Oh my gosh
by: Caitlyn Lupton

I have the same exact phobia, except mine started when friends constantly scared me with a pig mask, i cant even sleep in my room by myself without the light on anymore because im so parianioed. please please helpp! :O
xolaces99xo at

Me too
by: Anonymous

I have the exact same fear! I discovered it while watching a music video and got so scared, i alnost cried. I would also like to know what this phobia's called.

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