Fear of people with animal's heads

by Abigail

My sister and I are terrified of people with animal's heads. Some animals are worse than others, like animals with long noses such as camels or horses, or animals with horns or particularly big ears. My sister has had it for years, she thinks it started after watching something on television as a small child, and I think I might have picked it up from her. If I see a picture or model of a person with an animal's head, or a person in a particularly realistic animal mask, I have to run away or hide, if I can't get away I start shaking and feel sick, sometimes I get dizzy. You would be surprised by just how many people with animal's heads there are around, on pictures and adverts, and in some films and plays(for example Puck in A Midsummer Night's Dream). Also I can't stand the plague doctors with those masks, they terrify me too. Everybody I know finds this fear either funny or strange, apart from my sister I only know of one other person with this fear who I saw on this website. Does anyone know if this fear of people with animal's heads has a name?

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