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Happend to me too
by: Anonymous

I am also very scared of people going near my eyes, also I don't like it when people get objects near my eyes. Today I was at the dentist and I was so anxious because they had to get this tube near my face to take my x-rays. I felt as if the tube was going to move upward and poke me in the eye. That's why I decided to search this phobia.

i thought i was the only one
by: Naiza

For a very long time I have been scared of people geting near or touching my eyes. I always get my eyelashes ON MY EYES so it doesn't help at all. I can't even see OTHER PEOPLE touching there OWN EYES. My eyes dry out a lot so my mom TRIES to put eye drops in my eyes but I get so scared that I run away if u want to put something in my eyes u will HAVE TO PIN ME DOWN.

Don't touch my eye either
by: Anonymous

I feel your pain. Same issue. Can't stand the thought of someone touching my eye. Had contact put in back in college. I could not get them back out myself and had to go back to the Dr. He said they probably dried up and fell out in my sleep. To this day I imagine them floating somewhere behind my eyes. I found your post while searching for an actual name for my fear (out of boredom), I don't know if there is a recognized fear or if we are just lucky. Either way, suffering through the Dr. appointment is far better than waiting too long to diagnose a serious issue. Just wanted to you to know you are not alone.

by: Anonymous

I have a similar problem except i freak out even if people are touching their own eyes. it gets me antzy. i know exactly when it started too. i even freak out if paper or something is facing me the wrong way i just have this feeling as if its going to poke me in the eye.

by: Anonymous

Your not alone! My friend has this phobia too. Have you discovered a way to get it over it yet?

i know how you feel.
by: Anonymous

I am extremely terrified of people going near my eyes. It doesn't bother me to touch my own, but I will seriously cry if someone else touches them. When I was younger, it did not bother me. I think it started when I was about 14 or 15. I want contacts so bad. Actually there are Naruto contacts that I want really. I have to have prescription contacts, but I am afraid to have the optometrist go near my eyes. I thought I was the only one with fear.

You aren't alone
by: Anonymous

I have the same problem. I can touch my own eyes, though, and there are a few people that I trust with my eyes. Eyedrops are a lost cause for me. I also have a fear of loss of vision, which includes blindness, darkness, and even walking backwards.

I have the same phobia!
by: christine

I have the same phobia, I won't let people touch my eyes and I hate watching other people touch their own eyes, like if they're putting contacts in our something. I am also not bothered by touching my own eyes, though I don't like to. If you're having problems with your eyes I would def go to the eye doctors, though I completley understand why you don't want to. The first time I went to the eye doctor's, besides when i was little, I was around 16 and I cried because that's how afriad I was of being there lol. I def understand what you're going through, but besides now I have never heard of anyone else having this phobia.

Eye phobia
by: Anonymous

I'm the same, I can't tell you any techniques for overcoming it I'm afraid but you're not alone.

I suspect there's many more too.

I went to get contacts and the optician said she'd have to put dye in to check my eyeball wasn't scratched, I remember her taking the lid of the dye and the next thing I remember I was at the door with my coat and bag.

I have glasses now!

im exactly the same
by: Anonymous

Samee I absolutley freak out! When something gets into my eye I lose it and I start crying and everything, no one can touch my eyes, I can't put water or any other thing in my eyes, the thought of people putting in contacts freaks me out I don't even know how I developed this fear it just came

by: Rachel

I have almost exactly the same issue, only I'm fine with touching my own eyes. I even wear contact lenses. It's only when other people try to touch my eyes that I freak out :/

by: Anonymous

I'm the same way, Sometimes I can't stand to wear my glasses because they are so close to my eyes...

I share your pain
by: Sam Daly

i get completely freaked out if people come near my eyes, i can't handle it and i would physically run away and cry if people got close enough to my eyes. I googled it to see what it was called but i got nothing, how can we be helped? Are we freaks?

Me tooo
by: Anonymous

I can't stand trying to put eyedrops in my eyes and then I'll have my mom or sister try to put them on me and I laugh and pull away but really I'm scared inside. Thank god I've never had any eye problems so I don't know what brought along this fear but if your eye is hurting get it checked out you don't want to wear contacts! One day. And never watch a lasic eye surgery I think that's what scared me

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