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Me also!
by: Bexii

I have exactly the same, and i feel Carpophobia is taking over my life.
I was on a school trip to London, Kew Gardens, and at the train station there was an emo guy who was slitting his wrists, i went really pale and my teacher was worried about me.
Everyone started to offer me things to drink and asking loads of questions when all I really wanted was to sit down, far away from this guy. Everybody except one girl, my best mate called Scout, thought i was just ill. Scout knew what was really going on and she turned out to be the most help. Even though she was just 11, she helped me to be just about able to look at my own wrist. I owe you one, Buddy!!

by: Anonymous

me too!! its horrible.

I know!
by: Anonymous

It's Carpophobia :)

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