Fear of people staring at me

by Michaela
(St.Thomas, Ontario )

My name is Michaela(tall one in picture), i have this huge fear of people staring at me. Some of my friends take it as a joke but i do not think it is funny, what happens is when someone stares st me i freak out to say i get so nervous i clench up look down and just lose it. It makes me feel bad about my self sometimes and i really want to get over it. my first question is what is it called and my second question is how to get over it .

My second fear is to be in small places like closets, toy boxes, elevators ( sometimes depends how big ) and stuff like that. i have been scared ever since my friends brother locked me in the closet and shut the door. I feel now i can't even get in a small place without breathing hard and getting scared and panicking.

Sometimes i fell misunderstood with these fears and maybe you can tell me how to get over them by telling me what there names are and how i can prevent or stop having these fears.

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