fear of people or thing traking me.

by Elysa

Im !8 and ever since im little i suffer from the fear of being follow. and around 13 i had to watch a civil war movie for school and ever since then it became worse now im not only scared of people following me but of people tracking me with a gun getting ready to shout. it end it up making me afraid of fire arm. it got so bad at some point if i had to get out of my room at night i would have to crawl out so no one would be able to see me out of my windows. Its a a little better now but i still look every escape route when im in a new place and i still look over my shoulder but not as often. but i still cant pass in front of the window without curtain. and i still froze if i hear some noise out side. i know music help at home because it cover the noise of outside and the noise that i make so i feel safer. protected.

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