Fear of people in costumes


I'm thirteen and everytime I walk past someone in a costume I scream and cry. My mum was with my once at my brothers football tournament and she took the mick out of me because I was stood there and I saw a mascot across the field and started hiding behind my mum. She shouted him to come over because I wanted a hug and I burst out crying and I thought it was really weird because I've never seen people in costume much until now and I was crying? I asked my mum if it was weird and she said I've always cried at people in costume, ever since I was little. To this day I have to go in the toilets when Brewster Bear comes out at a childrens party.

Another time was when I was in town and the christmas lights were being turned on and I was with all my friends and there was a person in a costume dancing and being all cheerful and creepy and I refused to go any further and my friends were pulling me by the arm to get me to go past. We couldn't get to where we wanted to without going past him. They were begging me just to go and dragging me so I burst out crying in the middle of town and ran because of this man in costumes. I'm the same with clowns they really scare me, I can't stand seeing clowns. I run away and cry. Call me weird if you want but I have a phobia of people in costumes and clowns. Does anyone have any idea what the phobia of people in costumes is called?

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