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its so creepy
by: Anonymous

I'm also 13 and have also always been scared of people in costumes I don't know how to overcome it and I don't think I would ever want to go near someone in a costume αgαin to creepy man I would also like whαt this particular phobia is called and I'm glad I'm not the only one with it but people dressed as clowns and santa clause and the easter bunny I have no problem with as long as I can see a human fαce then I'm cool with it

Brewster Bear
by: Eden

I have a similar fear!

I'm 12 now but I was younger at the time, but my family used to visit this place and it had a mascot called Brewster Bear. He scared me because he had small black slitted eyes and was HUGE.

When I visited the place for friends parties, if he came out I'd bolt into the play area, right to the top; in fear that he'd get me. (I'm laughing as I write this)

I'd have nightmares about him; for years! But I was not just scared of him, I was scared of ALL dress up characters! I'm not scared of them anymore apart from I'm still a little scared of Brewster Bear!

I'm glad to find someone with the same fear as me, though it may be somewhat irrational!

Similar fear
by: Anonymous trier

I have a fear that is very similar I am 13 and still not over this fear. When I was little around 3 I was ok with them if people I knew we're around until one day I was around 6 and this lady my nana knew was dressed as an Easter bunny and what is worse is that there was a clown also and it was a small room it was so bad I ran and hid under a piano and my dad asked if I wanted to see the Easter bunny and I said no and cried because I hadn't yet told my family about my newly developed fear thanks to chuck e cheese. Until Chuck I was ok I have to see them from a distance to feel safe and when I go to Disney land I avoid certain parts I know for sure have characters. I also avoid toon town because when I was little the nite I returned from Disney land I had a nite mare and I was only 3 or 4 I volunteer as a leader at VBS for my 3rd year now and still freak at the frog guy for the Zoe project and I panic hoping I won't have to meet him I want to over come this fear but I can't I have tried and failed over and over I still can't do it if I see the person put on the costume I am ok if I just them walking around I panic and hide in a stall for a half hour to an hour until I feel safe again it's that bad I once cried at chuck e cheeses when I was 7 because I was being scolded for running and hiding but they didn't understand my phobia had sunk in deep that I avoid them so I don't have a panic attack of where I literally attack out of panic so I don't take chances It bothers me that when I was little and they found out about my fear now a phobia since I was 9 they used to tease me about and once At johns pizza co. I put my tray down and was force to stand in a corner when the beat was in the room we wed eating in I was freaking out And I still do I will one day overcome this fear and be close to fearless except for lizards that will never go away I really want to be over my fear and finally stop being the laughing stock. In my family I was teased like at six flags my grandma was mad at me and said do I need to call the chicken over and I said no and once bugs bunny was stalking me so creepy and even my friends or almost friends freak me out like once I was putting water back in the fridge and my friend was wearing the Easter bunny head and scared me so I rattled off all about my phobia and stuff I just feel relieved to know that other people share my phobia.

Fear of people in costumes
by: Jacqui

My son in 7 - he is terrified of dressed up characters(adults only). He went to the theatre when he was 3 and some mad actress, dressed as a cat thought it funny to violate his personal space by shoving her face near his and saying 'Is that you that smells?' Didn't help. He is getting better but I think you'll find it's related to unpredictability. You can't read their emotions (especially when masked) and I think you'll find many children and quite a few adults) find that disconcerting! I try to make sure my son attends functions but let him know that if he wants to sit well back that's fine too to allow him to feel his emotions are within his control. At the end of the day some people would be afraid of jumping out of a plane or swimming with sharks (even if 100% safety mechanisms in place!). Not going to hold you back to much in life unless you want to be an actor - which he does!!!

I Hear You
by: Anonymous

I don't have the name of the phobia, but I hear you. It's like those people are hiding something. Everytime I see one of those creepy,masked, people, I think that could be an escaped serial killer. Clowns? I know! Make-up covers their identidy.

by: Anonymous

I think that's what it's called. Maclophobia : the fear of dressed up people ( mascots ). I found this on some website..

i would also like to know what the name of the phobia is of people in costume. i have a six yr old daughter that is afraid of this.
by: Anonymous

when shes sees anyone in costume she tries to hide crys and breaks out into a could be anything from clowms to mascots to santa. it really limits the events that we can attend.she is fully aware that these are regular people in costumes and wonders why she is is really quite frustrating for her.

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