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Haunting death phobia
by: Anonymous Rose

I know exactly how you feel. This fear haunts me every day and has led to be being scared of sleeping away from home because I work myself up so much thinking if I'm not there, everyone will die! I think about it a lot and its sad because otherwise I'm a confident and generally happy woman! I think my fear began when I was 7 and my mum died! It led to a lot of changes- I moved with my brother to live with my aunt and uncle, moved schools, and suddenly grew up and realized how precious life is and how easily it can be taken. I think its fine that you realize this too, because unfortunately its a reality! Continue to tell your family and friends you love them; I do. I wish this phobia didn't affect my life so much, I'm even scared of going on holiday and leaving the dog(!!) I think eventually I will need to have some sort of therapy to work out my issues!

by: Anonymous

Its not just you that feels that way.. alot of people do. I do. We never know when a life is gonna end, we dont expect it. We think that everyone should live until their old but life just dont work that way. (Even though i wish it did)> If you've lost someone sometime in your life unexpectidlly that has alot to do with why you feel this way. I've lost someone that came as a shock, he wasn't supposed to die when he did, he was on his way to the doctor and fell over dead of a massive heart-attack. That makes it hard on a person to lose someone. It's hard to lose someone anyhow, no matter how you lose them, but to lose them that way is such a shock and it makes you look at things different. I have the same fear as you do. That's why you should keep telling your parents and your loved ones that you do love them.. you never know when that's going to be the last time you see them

by: Anonymous

Continue to tell your parents every morning your love them and every evening. Tell your friends also.
Why, we do no know what the future holds

I never told my Dad I loved him, never until he was on life support and no longer could hear me,
Why did I do that, I thought love was a sign of weakness.
What a fool I was, I would give anything to have just one day with my Dad and tell him that I love him, just one day. But that day will never happen.
I did love my Dad, I just never told him. Do not be me tell your parents, you siblngs, your cousins, your friends. You will be glad you did.

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