Fear of Parasitic Worms

by Aria

Another fear of mine is fear of parasitic worms!

This summer I walked around barefoot a lot and I couldn't stand it. Everywhere I stepped I thought I would get a parasitic worm and even if I had shoes on, when I came inside I would scrub my feet. By the end of the summer I was washing my feet about three to four times a day.

I think maybe this fear was caused by me watching an episode of Monsters Inside Me, where a man grew up in India and ended up getting a parasitic worm that got into his body from the soles of his feet when he walked barefoot as a child.

Every time I eat, I also think about a parasite getting into my body through my food. Also, every time I get intestinal cramps or bloating, I'm afraid that it is a worm working its way through/eating my intestines.

I've talked to my parents about this and I almost ended up crying just thinking about parasitic worms. I constantly feel and think that I have them inside my body and several times have went to my mom and asked her if she thinks I have worms (I've NEVER had them)

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