Fear of parasites And tapeworms

Hello, im a 14 year old female that suffers from fear of parasites And tapeworms. Scince i decided i wanted to have a degree in health sciences in college, I read a lot of medical articles online, and I love reading everything that has to do with medicine. Then, I came across parasites and tapeworms that are living in human bodies.I was so afraid of them, that all im thinking about right now is if I have them, or will I consume parasite-contaminated food. I'm so afraid of them that I only eat things that I cook, I don't eat anything that has been cooked by anyone else,I dont eat red meats, fish, vegetables, fruits, dairy, nuts and seeds, I don't use spices, cause they may contain eggs, so all I eat is a huge amount of yoghurt, because it contains probiotics, which can aid in killing parasites. I bought my own utensils and cooking pots, I put my foods in my refrigerator that I refuse anyone touches or uses. I am extremely terrified, my phobia sort of started last month, or so. It's extremely tiring. And what made it worse is that I even watched a YouTube video about parasites. I'm so exhausted of over worrying, I wish I can get over it REALLY soon. My mom is taking me to the GP so I can make sure I'm worm-free.. and I hope to get back to normal!!

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