Fear of paranormal creatures or being possesed...

by zombiegurl4000



Ok im fear is mostly triggered by seeing things on the internet(even thought that there supposed to be jokes)or movies.Like a night ago I was on facebook and I saw a prank on random people and one of them had a white tattered dress and was cralling on its back and made look like she was going to chase you and eat you and I could not go to bed that night and when I finally did (at 2:00)I had a terrible nightmare that I was surrounded by thousands of these creatures.I had no weapon no one was with me to help I was all alone in a giant prisen sell trapped ,then I relized I was being watched from outside the room, they were just standing there I tried to yell for help to them but I could not speak .Then I tore a bar from the selling and bashed all the creatures heads in ,I thought to my self ''I survived!'' then I ran to the bars and saw that the people that were watching me had there eyes closed .Suddenly, they opened them the were pure black once I saw them I stepped back and I tried my best to scream and when I did I found my self being shacken by my older sister with a consurned face she was saying ''its just a dream!!!'' I started to sob right there in here arms feeling lucky its was all over...

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