Fear of Owls!!!

by Erin
(Georgia )

I am absolutely terrified of owls, especially great horned owls. Just hearing or seeing a picture of one sends me into panic mode and I will do I anything i can to get away from having to see one. I get heart palpations and avoid anything having to do with owls. My family does not understand..they think I say all this for attention and play pranks and taunt me about it. This only makes things worse I i know I can't talk about it for fear of ridicule.
This all started when I was about 6. I was at my grandmother's house walking up her basement stairs. There was this plastic garden owl on a shelf, and, having a wild imagination, I convinced myself that I saw its head turn and look at me. I ran up the stairs to my mother and cried in her lap while my younger siblings " pecked me" with the plastic owl. It was very upsetting and so I begged my grandmother to put it in the attic because I never wanted to see it again. If I have to go up there, I have someone scope it out and further hide the owl for fear of accidentally stumbling upon its two orange eyes staring up at me.
After that, I avoided gardening stores because they always have plastic garden owls on an entire aisle like the one at my grandmother's house.
Just as I was getting over this fear, another traumatic event occurred that caused my fear to become even worse. I was about 9 or 10 when this happened. I dreamed that I walked under a long dock that was over a low lake and that there was this owl that had been hanged by a red noose at the end. It was hanging there above the water and I never saw its face. The next day, my family and I were at an outdoor pond and garden center. I was leaning against a big water barrel/ pool/ tank type of thing that was alot like a bathtub. It had a faucet running water into it and causing the water to swirl. As I was standing there, I felt something brush against by arm. I looked down and saw a grayish black feathery thing swirling around in the water. Suddenly I got bad Goosebumps all over and felt all sick. It was an owl. It was above the water, and I never saw its face, just like in my dream! A worker there pulled the body out of the water with her bare hands. For some reason, the whole thing really bothered and made me become detached for the rest of the day.
That made me scared of any type of owl and brought back my fear of the plastic ones as well.
I have had other dreams come true after that, all of them coming true in scary or bad ways. If an owl is in my dreams, something bad will happen within the next few days. I always feel down and detached after these dreams.
I had a dream that my aunt and uncle lived apart and that there were taxidermied owls in his house. A little later, they got a divorce.
The worst one, though, was rather recent. I dreamed that my family I i were at a gun store so that my father could buy a pistol. Above the checkout, there was a taxidermied owl. I was below it and was telling myself over and over to not look up.
The day after the next, my family was at my grandparents house. It was late and dark and me and two of my cousins were in the woods off their backyard. Suddenly, from right behind us, there was this noise that sounded like a dog barking and growling. To my horror, it started hooting, so I buried my face in my cousins side and held onto him and ran all the way up to the front yard thinking to myself that I shouldn't look up for fear of seeing it. As I collapsed in the grass, I remembered my dream. They were almost exact. It scared me and I couldn't sleep that night. I kept imagining an owl spinning its head around and crawling towards my bed on its wings.
This has become worse and worse and I really need someone to talk to. Please talk to me if you share this fear of owls. I feel so alone!

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