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Afraid of owls
by: Olivia bonds

Hi! My name is Olivia and I'm 12 years old. I went on google and searched just now to see if anyone else was afraid of owls besides me. Here's the story. Since I was 6, I have been terrified of owls. I had gone to the Illinois state fair and there was a guy who told people about different animals. He had a group of cages I the back of him. He said that he had a type of bird with him. He lifted the sheet off the cages and about 6 owls were in there! The great horned owl looked at me! I screamed at the top of my lungs and I started to run. My mom tried to stop me. People stared at me. I cried and cried and we had to go home. Since then, I never wanted to go near an owl ever again. It stopped for a while but in fourth grade u started to see them every where! Now, I think of them and I cry. You aren't alone. And they have them everywhere in my state. I can't even go to zoos anymore. I would like to talk to you more I've never heard of anyone being as scared of owls as I was. Please text me if you have a Kik my Kik is brosephgirl. My Instagram is crissangellove . Bye!

Definitely not alone
by: Moose

I am absolutely terrified of owls. It started when I was in Alabama visiting my friend that lives there. We were outside walking around catching up to each other. He takes his flashlight and shines it up on the top of the biggest tree in his yard and a huge owl sat there. It turned its head in the light and its eyes flashed from the light. It jumped off the branch towards us hooting. I had scrambled behind my friend and ran back to his house. That's happened so many times at multiple houses. I now have a heart stopping fear of owls. It got worse once I found out who Mothman is. (I suggest not looking him up) but it made it worse to me. My family also teases me about it. I woke up one morning to a poster of a owl on my door.

I hate them
by: Anonymous

I know exacly how you feel, you are not alone on this.... Sometimes i can hear owls near my window at night and i cannot help but break down and cry. I hate them and never want to see one ever!

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