Fear of OTHER people vomiting

by Meg

I'm a little different than most people, and this is the first time i've ever contributed to a site of this kind. My huge, unrelenting fear is fear of OTHER people vomiting.

I can be in my car, and if someone else even opens up their car door for whatever reason, I shield my eyes and panic out of the fear that they may be vomiting!

My family laughs at me. Uncontrolled coughing from strangers sends me walking quickly out of wherever I had been in a nervous state.

I don't really fear myself vomiting because I hardly ever do it and when I do it is controlled and in a private bathroom where it should be done.

I think when it comes down to it, it is the suddenness of it that is so disturbing, along with the obvious disgusting nature of it.

I can't stant things that people have no control over whatsoever. It has been the only bad factor in my life. I have no other problems even remotlely close to this kind of thing. It is so weird, and i'd give anything to be free of it!!

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