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I am the exact same!
by: Anonymous

Right now, my dad is in the other room across the hall throwing up! I had a sudden anxiety attack. I closed my ears, starting rocking back and forth, and crying! When I was younger, I would plug my ears with my thumbs and use my other fingers to scratch my head so I could make noise on the inside of my head. I would wake up the next morning with sores all over my head and blood under my fingernails. Right now I have music blaring in my ears and I doubt I will be able to sleep tonight! Growing up, when people started coughing, I would run out of the room! It was hard for me to be in school because kids got sick frequently. This is going to be a long night! Like you, I don't fear for myself to get sick. Just others!

daughters fear of others vomiting
by: Jamie

My daughter is 9 years old and she freaks out when someone throws up. She runs away and starts crying and panicking. I don't know what to do? She even freaks out when her little brother or sister starts coughing and runs up to her room because she's afraid that they might throw up. I never heard of this phobia until I researched it online. Is there anything I can do to help my daughter with this fear/phobia? Thanks!

My friends look down on because of it!
by: Darcy

I have the same problem. I get terrified when people even make fake throwing up noices. I also freak out when people have coughing attacks. When this happens, my hands start to sweat, I start to cry, I cringe, and have weird breathing patterns. The worse part is when people make fun of it, and a friend of a friend accualy said that my friend,lets call him Jack, shouldn't be friends with me because of it. Once I had some who was mad at me, told people to do it just to freak me out. I want to cure it but, I find it really hard.

by: Abby

Hey. I have the same problem. The phobia is called emetophobia, although most emets are afraid of themselves getting sick.
I actually recently had an episode. My little cousin was sitting in the back seat of the car and she suddenly screamed that she had to get sick. Luckily, we had just pulled into the garage and I RAN FOR MY LIFE. I stood out in the snow for 10 minutes and just broke down. Other times that people have gotten sick in front of me, I have hyperventilated and had severe panic attacks. I take zoloft for it, and the fear has actually gotten a little better - the reactions aren't as bad anymore. I've had this fear since I was born.

I hate people being sick
by: Cupcake

I have always since I was a child having a phobia of people being sick. If I see anyone vomiting my stomach turns to water & then I can't stop thinking about what I saw my heart starts beating really fast afterwards & feel sick myself & takes me a couple of days to get over it. I would have of liked to be a nurse but because of this phobia i could never be one HELP!!!!

You are not alone
by: Anonymous

I, too, suffer from this type of emetophobia. I fear other people vomiting even though I really don't fear myself doing it. It completely runs my life. I can remember back as far as 1st grade when I had extreme anxiety from someone else vomiting (I am 22 now). It has caused everything from anxiety to full-blown, hyperventilating panic attacks. Just know that you are not alone. It's always nice to know you aren't the only person who is dealing with something like this.

Me too!
by: Paige

I am exactly the same way. I can handle throwing up, even though i hate it. but i CANNOT handle seeing or being around someone else who is throwing up! I go absolutely insane if somebody says they feel sick! its embarrassing.

by: Anonymous

I have had this fear most of my life and can remember feeling like this even as a child at school, I would do anything to get out of school trips etc. I find I live my life avoiding possible scenarios where this may occur. I have never spoken of it to anyone before, I dont know why I am like this and dont even know if I believe I can be cured, it seems to be so much part of me. It is my greatest fear, and until you understand or are like that yourslef it sounds unbelievable.

I thought it was just me!
by: Anonymous

I am terribly afraid of throwing up myself, but I'm afraid of other people doing it, cause then I might too! I HATE when people in the car in front or next to me open thier doors, and I turn my head too cause I don't want to see it or hear it.

I have the same feelings
by: Anonymous

I always thought I was alone with this phobia, I feel exactly the same as the writer. Even just reading about it causes me palpitations and sweating hands. I would love to be cured, until you have this phobia you can't understand what its like, its ruining my life.

Me too!
by: Anonymous

I share your fear, although, I fear of me vomiting too. It's like I have a phobia of any situation where I'm not in control.

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