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Your not Alone (:
by: Emily

I just turned 15 in June and I have the same phobia. I'm a very outgoing person, I love to talk to new people and I don't mind ordering food at McDonald's or something like that but when it comes to a sit down restaurant I ALWAYS make my friends or family order for me. I start shaking and I usually start to cry. this fear has been happening for several years now. my family thinks I'm werid or a 'baby' for it but I know it will eventually pass.

Can't order for myself
by: Anonymous

I'm the exact same way . I can't order at restaurants, and I can't order much of anything else either. I don't know why but I just CAN'T do it. I always have a friend or a parent order for me. I used to not have this problem until around a year ago, I'm 14 now.

Thank god im not the only one!
by: Stixx

I get this a lot! I struggle to buy items and food at stores or even take aways! I get scared and even Freak out when having to buy things, I end up getting friends to do it too - I suppose its jus something you have to break through but its a really annoying Phobia!

ordering food phobia

I know right!!! Everytime it's my turn to order, I start trembling sputtering. By the way, I'm already 13. I'm so terribly ashamed even my younger sis orders food by herself. When my frens and me go for lunch, I will ask them to order for me. It's so EMBARRASSING. THEY MADE FUN OF ME!! THEY DON'T UNDERSTAND!!! PEEEEEERRR PREEEAASURE!!! At least people here know how it feels like

by: Darcia

Im fourteen and I have a fear of ordering to,I thought I was a freak and that I was the only one! what is this called? I have to get my friends to order meals,and i seperate my burgers into a bun and chicken,U cant look at them in the eye when they ask me questiins and I stutter and stumble on my words,its really hard for me x

You're not alone!
by: Anonymous

I am 14. I love to talk to new people, but I am ashamed when I order food at a resturaunt. I get nervous and play with my hair whenever I have to order. You are not alone. I also hate when the waitress asks me questions about my order. Usually, I get my friends to order food for me. This fear cripples me.

Social anxiety
by: Anonymous

This is a specific type of social anxiety.

I'm shaking right now
by: Kelly

I'm only 15, very social and a lot of friends, I'm a picky eater too. I order my burgers plain and about an hour ago me and my brother went to McDonald's and they got my order wrong so he wanted me to go in and get it fixed, I said I couldn't and he wouldn't stop asking why and I broke into tears shaking. I'm still terrified.. I don't know what will happen to me when I get older and my family thinks I'm a baby for it..

also scared
by: Anonymous

I have this fear too. Right now I am hungry but am scared to order. I phoned but hung up twice. This is for take away but I am also scared to buy stuff at the shop. It is ocd related for me. I try and test things by doing them and if nothing happens then the fear is irrational but if something happens then I feel I caused it

i know what it's like
by: Anonymous

i am not a shy person at all and i have tons of friends. i love to meet new people and be put in new situations. but whenever it comes time for me to order my own food i have a panic attack and simply can not do it. i am a super picky eater and it is becoming worse. i can not eat meat that is currently on the bone (and yes i know all meat comes off the bone) and my foods can not touch. if either happens i will simply refuse to eat and can go days without eating.

me too
by: Anonymous

"There is no official name for the fear of ordering food. But the problem may be more closely linked social anxiety/social phobia. "
There should be a name for it. I'm not shy at all but as soon as the waitress comes to take my order its all over. I swear I'd flee the place if I was alone.

I could have a totally normal conversation with the clerk/waiter & then completely blank when I have to order.

One time I was getting pick up I chatted with the clerk & then he asked what I needed & in a high pitched voice with wide eyes I relied 0o0 pick up for dirrio *Hold 20$'s 10ft in front of me*

ah man
by: Kade

I know exactly how you feel. I freak out as soon as I feel that I have to do any of those things alone.

by: Anonymous

I believe your phobia is called shyness

Me too!
by: Anonymous

I also have this irrational fear of ordering food or buying groceries in the check-out line. If anyone knows what this is called, please respond!

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