Fear of open-backed stairs and pipe organs/valves/water pipes

by Jimae
(Endicott, NY)

Hello there. Just wanted to share that I have an intense fear of pipe organs and other instruments that move air to make sound, but really only the large ones like tubas or bassoons, and the horns on cruise ships. The idea of bellows creeps me out, no matter what kind.

I am always leery about going down stairs where the backs are open. I guess I feel like they are not going to hold up, like they are temporary somehow, and that I will get my foot or ankle stuck and fall. I have recurring dreams that I am in an unfinished building and cannot reach from floor to floor because the stairs are either missing or the jump from step to step is so far that I have to climb up like I was a bug. Then there's getting down from there to escape if necessary... I think it may be related to stress or being "stuck" in a life situation somehow,not able to accomplish my goals.

I also have a recurring dream about having to use the bathroom but not being able to find a working toilet or bathroom that has a complete stall. I would find a restroom only to find it too small to enter, like a miniature room, or that every stall has something unflushed or overflowing toilets or no toilet paper,or even no water or I sat down to go only to find out that there's just a bucket under the seat. WEIRD! Anyone else?

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