Fear of open doors or closets (what is luring inside or behind)

by Lancelot

I have to shut every door in my home in day time or night time, and I leave the lamp on my WC on at night and I don´t know why.

And I don´t know why I´m scared of it, but it´s like something or someone (often dark) shall come out and grab me.
It´s not a big issue but it ´s anoying to me, specially when I´m 40 know.

I have haved this phobia since early teenage, maybee earlier.

I´m not thinking so much of it, but in periods I have a huge fear for it.

Things not to do: Trying not to think to much of it. ( easier said than done)

Things I try to do thoose times: I notice my fear, walking around, looking and say to my self: well nothings here.

If U have any clue of why U can be afraid of this stuff, please reply to me.

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