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by: cj

Wow,i thought I was the only one on this. But it's weird, because I never had this problem as a kid. This phobia has recently grabbed me a few years ago.

i feel that way too
by: Anonymous

basically all my life i have been one to share a room. right now i am 14 and am in my grandmas room watching t.v with her, and my little sister and brothers keep coming in and out. it it 11:27 and is very dark outside and through out the house. even though i am not alone, the halls is dark and i cant see if something is looking back at me when i look through the cracks of the the morning when i get ready for school, everyone is not awake so the curtains and lights are off except for the areas i be in. while im brushing my teeth i see things from the corners of my eyes in the halls and almost catch a heart attack but notice i imagined it or it is something that may be able to take the shape of other things.

Google classical conditioning, that may also be Why your fear is so common
by: Anonymous

Their could be many reasons for your fear, maybe when you were little you decided you were going to be a big kid, if you wee a stubborn child you probably would have kept it shut even if you were scared, in this case it would have to be a safety thing. The trigger of safety in an enclosed room, your parents opening the door to come see you or comfort you. Which means that your mind immediately associates a closed door with security. If it's open, due to the classical conditioning of always sleeping with the door closed, it wouldn't feel right. Your mind is used to being comforted a certain way at night and with the door open on such rare occassions it gets scared that it won't get release if the door is open.

Same problem
by: Anonymous

Going to sleep, close bedroom door closet door and all the doors between my room and the kitchen. Why?
If the doors in my room aren't closed it is impossible to sleep. Eventually i find myself just staring at the open door. If I am up late and want a little midnight snack. I can't walk past open doors in the hallway between the bedroom and kitchen. Times when I've tried i end up staring at the bottom corner of the door expecting to see something and eventually bug out too much and dart back into my room closing the door behind me. find a source of portable light to use till i can reach the light switch down the hall and just shoot past it. If i can see into the rooms I'm ok, but if i cant see whats in the room it bug out.

by: Anonymous

Totally understand. I wanna know how to fix it though.

same here
by: Anonymous

at night,i'll stay awake just watcjing the door,like i'm waiting for something to come out.

by: Anonymous

i cnt help u there primarily because i have the exact same problem

me too
by: Anonymous

i have the exact same phobia, but i also can't have the shades or curtains open, only at night, in the day they can be open, but if a door or window is open when i got to bed, i'll just stare at them until i finally have to get up and close them.....

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