fear of old things, jewlery and bord games

by Gina

I have been afraid of old things since I was a kid. (I'm 28 now) When I have to touch old things (or things I precive as old or dirty) I get anxious and I have to wash my hands right way.

If I'm watching television and see old things while I eat I almost throw up! I can watch old movies and television shows etc, the fear lies with actual object that are old e.g. chairs, tables, knick-knacks, clothing.

I don't know what the fear comes from or what do to do about it. I usually try to continue eating or to not wash my hands in order to work through the anxiety as it has worked with other phobias I have had, but it never works.

I also have a fear of jewlery. rings, necklesses etc. It also makes me very anxious and I get a sense that I want to throw up! This fear is also connected to an intense anxious feeling when I see piercings. When i see people wearing piercings I get a sense that I want to throw up! I can't look directly at them!

i also have an intense axious feelings when I'm asked to play cards or bordgames. I really, really dislike it! I get anxious and have to avoid it! I have no problem with watching people play these types of games, but I can't bring myself to do it! I think its because I played way to much card games as a kid and the anxiety might be connected to a feeling that cardgames is 1. a wast of time and 2. never ever seems to end.

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