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by: Anonymous

Yes I am also afraid of bugs getting into my ears also and I only feel really comfortable when I'm walking outside with earbuds or something that cover my ears in general

by: Anonymous

I think I have built up ear wax (not severe) and my sister told me to put warm water in my ears. I can't stand the thought of liquid going into my ears. I've been afraid of that for as long as I can remember. I'm not even sure why. I've never had a traumatizing experience that would cause this fear, I just hate it.

by: Hanna

I had many ear infections as a kid and I had tubes put in my ears. My mom and doctor used to have to hold me down to put drops in my ear. I developed phobia of anything going into my ear especially liquid. It makes me shiver just thinking about it. I can't put my head under water without holding my ears closed. I can't lay on my side either because I imagine things getting into my open ear while I sleep. I recently had another bad ear infection and needed antibiotic eardrops, but I couldn't put them in myself. My husband had to hold me down while I convulsed, kicked, and screamed. Its terrible really. Im glad to know other people feel similarly.

Finally someone else with this phobia
by: Rachael

I've had this phobia ever since I can remember, I just want to know if there is a technical term for it. I am petrified of the thought of anything going in or near my ears. My friend touched my ear on accident a couple days ago and I almost cried. I just hate it.

by: Rain

I recently posted about the exact same thing!

Though if you read mine, you'll find that my fear was induced by a cleaning operation.

The thought of anything entering my ear, let alone a BUG, is terrifying.

Same here. I call mine:Ear Pen
by: Veronica.(Ronnie)

YAY FINALLY I FOUND SOMEPNE WITH THIS TOO! I am 15 and I have this same thing. It started when I read about the Hi-Fi robbery and the dad had a ballpoint pen kicked into his ear and it came out of his throat and he still lived!! I also had a gnat go in my ear and I had to get a small surgery to get it out (it was so small). When they finally got it out I have always had this fear. The worse I had was when of course me of all people (i love swimming) got ear infection and needed more surgery and I cried all night before and after just knowing someone was in my ear. I just shivered thinking about it now O_O. I am sorry I don't have any advice but I hope it gets better for you taylor

The same problem
by: Melissa

I've always had a phobia of things near my ears too.But I really don't why.But I always get ear aches alot In just one year sometime,since I was a child.That might be why of the fear.My mom always had to peroxide to take away the infection.It always made a weird noise In my hear when ever she put It In..I hated that sound.And I still have a fear of anyone putting that stuff In.I have to do It myself.

Same phobia!
by: Laura

Hey, I have the exact same phobia as you! Are you only scared of bugs going in there or everything?

Phobia of things going in my ear.
by: Anonymous

Same, i have the same phobia. I witnessed a bee go in my freinds ear, and now i just scared. your not on ur own. im even scared that it might go up my nose or in my mouth aswell..
when theres a fly in the room if i have a hood i put it up. or i put my fingers in my ear.

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