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Odd Numbers
by: Traci

I hate odd numbers. They make me twitch and they seriously cause me like physical pain. The volume on the radio and tv have to be even or I have to leave the room. Certain foods that I eat have to be even. Some foods even have to be the same color. I seriously hate odd numbers. We have a white board at my house for my dads business and he has magnetics on it to hang important papers. The magnetics have to be lined up with the same two right beside each other. And the order of the color matters. It goes yellow, blue,green, pink, orange, white, purple, and then black. I can't stand it any other way.

Even numbers please
by: Anonymous

I do a lot of these. My biggest one is waking up on odd numbers. I set my alarm for 6:24. And if I wake up at a different time, i must wait until it is even to get out of bed. I'm also bad about food. At school, all of books and my calculator must be even numbered. 88 is my favorite. If I have to pick an odd number it is 3. But I've always had this thing against them.

I'm weird lol
by: Anonymous

I also really dislike odd numbers! I take an even number of bites and definatly need volumes to be even numbers. People think its funny to try to bug me by putting volumes to an odd number. I have to have an even # of dollars when pumping gas, I try to drive at an even number of km , when I'm sending text messages it shows the # of characters so I make that even too. When I'm done a phone call I look at the time and hangup on an even number. I even custome made my phone number to have even numbers lol. The list goes on and on. If I can't have an even number I try to make it into one to calm myself. For example if something is the number 13 I'll add 1+3 and that's 4 so its ok. I wouldn't call mine a FEAR , just unbalanced if its odd and doesn't feel right or good. Weird eh lol

by: mum

my 9 year old daughter is beggining to display a fear off odd numbers. what can i do?

it went away
by: Anonymous

i used to fear odd numbers, then some how i stopped caring and slowly just let it go, let it stop bothering me, now i kinda care sometimes about odd numbers but i can leave the volume on an odd number.

Anyone have 'odd' or 'even' words?
by: Anonymous

I too have a phobia of odd numbers...
Just wondering if anyone also has words that they associate with being odd or even... I know it sounds daft and its hard to describe, but I get a feeling about how I perceive a word?!

by: Jocoften

i count my stuff too. like ice, 2 is too little so is 4, 6 is enough but i don't like the number 6, 8 is to much but 7 is odd. i can't fall asleep at 3, 5, 6, 7 or on even numbers if i tired i wait until it's a even nuber on the clock.

odd numbers volume
by: Anonymous

i too have that really weird feeling that if I am driving the car and the volume on the radio is number 11, 15, 17, 19 I really do feel as though I am going to be involved a car accident. I do not feel safe at all until I have changed the volume level to an even number.

Me 2
by: Враг внзи

I thought i was alone on this one i hate odds even the volume i have to touch things and even amiut of time i have to open the direct tv guide and even amout of times i try not to do ANYTHING and odd amount of times

odd number phobia
by: Anonymous

Had my friend looking at me like i was crazy when told her my problem with odd numbers.Coins in a bank have to be even amounts,if i play a game on line i can not quit until the score is an even number score.That is just to mention a few .Thanks for letting me know i am not alone.

Me too
by: Anonymous

I also have a problem with odd numbers and things being straight. I know another girl who has this who has been diagnosed with aspergers.... i think i have it too.

by: Anonymous1

omg i thought i ws the only one.... only thng in my case i cant stand even numbers :| anythng related to a number HAS to be odd :(

Thank You!!!
by: Anonymous

Thank you so much. I have never met another person that was like me with my fear of odd numbers (except for 3-I just have no problem with that certain odd number). I thought that I had a serious problem, but seeing that there are other people that have the same thing going on is amazing to hear.

by: Anonymous

Same here i hate odd numbers im with you on the even numbers. but if its too much to actually count out like cereal i try to even out the amount in my mouth while chewing i even take even bites of food like a sandwich

me too
by: Cal

I definitely have the level thing, everything needs to be balanced and symmetrical.

No such thing as an odd volume in my car. It weirds me out.

me too! glad im not alone
by: Anonymous

I have same fear I think it has to do with things being unlevel because when something is not level I get the same feeling and well odd numbers aren't exactly level, there's one left over. I do the volume in cars and what not but like time (ex:3:37am) doesn't bother me cuz I know there's nothing I can do about it but my car volume can notbe at a 7 or a 9 only even

Odd number dislike
by: Anonymous

me too, ever single thing i thouch has to be an even number. i'm not so fearing of the odd numbers like some people that have to chew and swallow with even numbers and stuff but its going away slowly. but when i was smaller when something went in somewhere pretend a ball through a chair i had to get it out through the SAME place because it seemed even to me and if i didnt i would CRY and not stop thinking about it for days but i would do ANYTHING to get it even how i wanted it to be.

me as well
by: Anonymous

I have this phobia too...i feel like a dork sometimes because everything i do has to be an even number or a square root of when i chew food it has to be in even numbers and when i swallow it has to be in even numbers. oh yeah and i do the thing with the volume too.

by: Anonymous

I never knew that could happen! Well, the world is pretty big. It would be a weird phobia to have, I can't imagine having that.

Me 2!!!!
by: Anonymous

I made my own name for it as I have this phobia too, i used a latin translator, i came up with Oddnumerusphobia

Odd Numbers
by: Anonymous

i too have to have the things even, like the tv voulme and the radio has to be turned up a even number of clicks, but i go a little father with it. when i touch something it has to be even and the same way when i kiss. i also find myself counting things and of there not even it makes me uneasy

Odd unless divisible by three...
by: Lukey

I too can't stand odd numbers unless for some strange reason they can be divided by three.

this makes me laugh
by: Anonymous

because I'm the same exact way it's like a seroius problem, like the volume thing, I get made fun of for it but like, things have to be on an even number for anything cuz when it's odd, it makes me feel so uneasy and anxious haha I don't know

fear of odd numbers.
by: Anonymous

i too have a fear of odd numbers i have to make sure that i have even things everywhere including cereal. nd these letters

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