Fear of objects moving forcefully and uncontrolledly

by Dotti

The idea of uncontrolled, forceful, constant motion makes me sick to the stomach. I'm especially scared of objects swinging in strong wind.

or example, recently I was at work and it was quite stormy outside. Strong gusts making trees sway and suddenly I thought of our kitchen window and if I had remember to close it properly. The thought of it swinging open in the storm made me feel extremely faint and sick.

Another example happened a while ago when I was watching a movie with friends. In the film a scene was set on a boat in rough seas. The people were sitting in a restaurant inside the ship while the boat was swaying from side to side. The doors to the restaurant were salloon-style swing doors and all throughout the scene they kept swinging back and forth. I felt really uneasy and queasy. When asking my friends if they thought the scene was uncomfortable to them they said, not really, while I was clutching the cushions.

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