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seriously though, can someone help
by: a fellow blankophobe

I have been searching for a while now and THIS post is the only one relevant.
Objects under skin leads to an article on trypophobia (holes) because they mention skin crawling.
Bugs under skin leads only to the general fear of bugs or the dillusion OF bugs under skin.
Nothing relating to foreign objects or creatures UNDERNEATH.

I'm terrified of breaking a limb because I know, I just freaking know, that I'd dig whatever the hell the put in me... Out. I've done it before... Seriously, there HAS to be a name for this.

The first time I noticed this was when I got scabies from trying on a Halloween costume (don't do it) and upon realizing that I was so itchy because they were IN ME-i spent the rest of the night carving the little bastards OUT. I was a bloody mess by morning.

I can't let splinters go either... Even the slightest sliver will have me digging a huge gash just to remove the damned thing.

Please internet, hear our cry, there's GOT to be a (x)phobia that we can relate to

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