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by: Anonymous

I thought I was weird because feet are disgusting. So dirty. I cringe at the sight of them. Yuck. Just gross. People who walk barfoot digesting me. I cringe at the sight of feet. I always wear socks, idec if they are mixed matched as long as I am wearing something to cover my feet, I am calmed. But the slightest sight of a toe just make me terrified. I don't understand why feet were created like they're a gross different version of hands but dirtier and stinkier. Just... Yuck.

son screams if brother doesn't wear socks
by: Anonymous

My 10 yr old son screams at the top of his lungs and his body goes stiff if his brother is barefoot. He thinks about it constantly and it consumes his thoughts. Once these tantrums begin it's hard to calm him down and he'll get filled with rage. His brother is only 15 months older and he gets tired of having to wear socks. My 10 yr old even skipped getting off a cruise ship because his brother would be swimming and barefoot even though he was so excited for his excursion he couldn't handle it.It doesn't bother him if anyone else is barefoot. His brother does have aspergers but is more mild and both have a degree of touretes but it comes and goes. I did get a divorce a year ago and I believe that's the time frame it began. Any advice. It's awful with the constant screaming!!

Me too but differently
by: Matt

I have almost the same thing but I see socks as protectors and extra bandages if I'm not wearing them I feel terrified.

Me too!!
by: Anonymous

I have it too! Everyone thinks I'm weird because of it!! I'm so glad to know that I'm not the only one. My fiancé and I have tried to find a name for it but can't seem to have any luck

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