Fear of Needles!

by Aubrey

Men and Women with Aichmophobia!
My name is Aubrey, I'm 16 years old and I have fear of needeles! When i was around the age of 6, i got extremely dehydrated and could not hold any food or drinks down.

It had gotten to the point of me having to go to the hospital and have fluids pumped through an IV in my right arm. To this day, the sound, thought, and sight of needles or shots make me shake. I can't stand anything about them. I think my experiences of when i was younger really traumatized me.

Just sittting here at work on the computer talking about it makes me want to cry. I want relief from this nightmare. I need help. I WANT help. I want to get on with the rest of my life and be healthy and get the shots I'm supposed to.

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