Do You Suffer From
Fear Of Needles?

Most people have a little degree of fear of needles, but that is normal. But if the fear is heightened to an abnormal scale, then the person is undoubtedly suffering from needle phobia.

In such cases, the sight of a needle causes panic and fear in the mind of the person.

Causes of Needle Phobia
Fear of needles actually results from any previous unpleasant experience like, having a painful needle in the early childhood.

Nevertheless, those who have a needle phobia are prone to be over sensitive to the injection of a needle.

More so, the sight of a hospital and a clinic can start panic in them.

Symptoms of Needle Fear
At the first sight of a needle, the needle phobic can get very anxious and tensed.

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Their inner feelings are associated with a number of symptoms, which are over-breathing, sweating, feeling dizzy and light headed, feeling giddy, mouth drying and trembling.

The different types of fear of needles
According to Dr. Hamilton, there are different types of fear of needles, which are:

  • Needle phobia can occur from the very childhood of a person. Some are able to outgrow the fear, but a few have a tendency to grow with it.

  • Fear of needles is characterized by the vasovagal needle reflection. This can lead to plunging of blood pressure or loss of consciousness or rise in stress hormones like human growth hormone, renin, antidiuretic hormone, dopamine and many more.

  • A rare type of phobia is the classic phobia, which can result from the traumatic experience. In such a case, the patient remembers any such incidence that sparked the fear of needle.

There are various treatments for those who suffer from needle phobia, which are:

You can use EMLA (Eutectic Mixture of Local Anesthetics), which is a topical anesthetic cream. It is a mixture of lidocaine and pricolocaine. One hour before the needle procedure, the cream is applied, which enables to numb the injection site.

Before the needle stick, you can take an anti anxiety medicine like the diazepam. This is very useful for those who are prone to fainting.

You can also make use of the medicine, like beta-blockers. Nitro oxide can also be used as an anti-anxiety agent.

Self Help Techniques to fight Fear of Needles
Self-help Neuro Linguistic techniques is the most effective technique for combating fear of needles.

The NLP techniques bust your fear, boost up your confidence and shows you the reality that needles cannot cause you any harm, until you think so.

Hence, the technique is useful to dispel your fear and enable you to lead a fear-free life.

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