Fear of needles injecting drugs

by Jack A.
(Austin Tx, USA )

My name is Jack, im 17 years old. So ever since my health teacher showed my class videos on drugs i discovered my fear of needles injecting drugs. The videos showed images of drug addicts injecting heroine into their bloodstream. I felt disgusted and strange, I looked at the under part of my arm and touched that part. I felt dizzy and nauseated, I wanted to leave the room and tell my teacher, but I felt he might say its ridiculous, and tell me to suck it up. So I waited till the video was over, I recovered for the lesson after. Ever since, I can't stand watching a needle entering not only that part, but any sudden injection in my body or another person's body. Idk if I'm the only one, Ive never met anyone else with this fear of needles injecting drugs.

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