Fear of needles in toes, death, aging, and busy roads.

by Jade

I have many, I mean many fears! Even a few phobias. Death and aging are my 'main' ones as I break down in tears if I think about it. Same goes for needles in my toe - I refuse too get ingrown bail surgery because if this. Yes, I had it before, it's very painful. Whoever says its just a little pinch or 'your current pain is worse' (if it is you're not taking care of it) is lying.. by alot.

The phobia of death and aging comes from the fear of unknown, and for me, not being in control of my own body.. or mind. I can't even take laughing gas because of this! (I've had it)

Busy roads.. well too put it short I walk up and down the streets until, the road is cleared. No real reason but I feel uneasy.

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